How to convert any Hollywood Movie Money Ticket to Fandango GC

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    If anyone has won a ticket from the tyson chicken IWG and doesnt want to see the awful movie the ticket is for then follow the directions below.

    Follow the directions on the card provided in the packaging, and then use the pdf as a credit card at fandango:

    1. Go to

    2. Enter your code and follow the directions, at the end choose to save your pdf to your hard drive. See Attached Example of output. (if you need a zip code and theater to use, use 19808 and the first one that comes up)

    3. Create a fandango account then go to

    4. Click on the "Start Your Order" Under e-mail fandango bucks

    5. Select a $10 denomination giftcard, and fill out the form to and from yourself

    6. log into your account

    7. Enter the credit card number from the pdf enter the entire number.

    8. Enter YOUR NAME (the one on the cats and dogs code sheet)

    9. Enter 89451 as the zip code

    10. Enter 9/2010 as the expiration

    11. On the next page enter the security code twice

    12. Confirm , and then check your e-mail for your $10 fandango bucks!
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