Marcel's Greasemonkey Scripts [ClixSense and Clicksia autoclicker, skipper]

Discussion in 'Third Party Bots' started by iamarcel, Apr 25, 2011.

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    Apr 21, 2011
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    Hey everyone!

    YAY! Finally enough posts to make a thread here! (those first posts are pretty hard to make lol)
    So, I decided to release a few Greasemonkey scripts for y'all that I make in the last couple days. I might be adding some to the list when I have some more ideas, so yeah.

    First of all, you need Greasemonkey for these scripts (of course), which you can download here: Download (it's a Firefox add-on, by the way. There are some Chrome alternatives as well, but I'm too lazy now to look that up :biggrin:)

    So, here they are:

    - ClixSense Autoclicker Download
    This are actually two scripts, one that clicks on your ads, and another one that closes your ads when you viewed them.

    - Clicksia Autoclicker Download
    This includes two scripts as well: one that clicks on the ads, and another one that pops up an alert when you have to confirm the ad (with that image captcha upside-down stuff)
    Note that this opens a new tab for every ad it has clicked. Kinda stupid, but yea. I might look into that later :amuse:

    Other: Skipper Download
    Skips those stupid ads. The method I use is kinda weird, so it's pretty easy for to patch it (if they find out how I did it). If it doesn't work anymore, just PM me and I'll fix it.

    Oh, and if you wanna say thanks, go ahead, but click that little button too XD
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