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    Have been recently launched a site Beticious style in which you can win prizes and money to gamble for free sports like football, basketball or tennis. This company is Spanish and is currently in beta. It has a very friendly and handy design, and operation is similar to Beticious, another page of free bets.

    The operation is very simple Playfulbet. By sports betting are getting points, with which we can bet again. When we have a certain amount of points, we can redeem for gifts (such as Fifa 2013 for PS3 or XBOX 360 or Play Station 3) or money (about 50 € or 25 € PayPal in Paysafecard).

    How to get points in Playfulbet

    The main way to score points in Playfulbet is through gambling. You can bet on sports like football, basketball or tennis. You bet just like real money, but using points without investing anything. Once registered, you will be awarded 4000 points, with which you can start betting. If you lose, nothing will happen, and will again give you 4000 points. In addition to gambling, there are 4 other ways to get more points:

    - Through challenges: this is the 'new' having Playfulbet. Once registered, you can make friends, with which you can make the challenges. These are that you bet on an outcome, and one of your friends, bet the opposite. Thus, if you win, you will earn points not only for tuition, but bonus points for winning the challenge.

    - With records: If you sign up and deposit in other bookmakers, plus get exclusive bonuses, earn points if you do it through Playfulbet.

    - Overcoming achievements: Playfulbet proposes different achievements, and according to go beating, earn extra points. More achievements will be added over time.

    - Inviting your friends: If you invite your friends to join Playfulbet will earn 2000 points for each person to become your referral and bet at least 3 times (something simple, and it's free!).

    I have already registered Playfulbet. If you want to add me as a friend and so to challenge me on challenges, find me under the name of "Nelion9". Meet me here!

    Playfulbet Money and Prizes

    Betting for free at Playfulbet, is get points, you can redeem for prizes or money, of which currently play NBA 2k13 find (PS3/Xbox360), FIFA 13 (PS3/Xbox360), € 25 Paysafecard, 50 € PayPal, the jersey of your favorite team or a PlayStation 3 Slim (160GB). Here I show that costs points each award:

    Ref link:
    Non ref:
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