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Discussion in 'Third Party Bots' started by Allyman8, Nov 21, 2009.

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    Oct 25, 2009
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    Now, Forgive me if i am doing something wrong here, But i have seen topics similar to this, Such as "How to scam Steam" Now, Is Hacking allowed? If so, then okay, If not, delete this thread.

    In this tutorial i will teach you how to Hack people, I'm not going to go in depth, as i don't have the time, I have written 3 Tutorials, On other subjects today, On other Forums, This will be my fourth tutorial, This time Hacking.

    What kind of hacking:: RAT (Remote Administration Tools) Using these, you can;

    Get into someones PC.
    Control their PC.
    Delete things from their PC.
    Install things in their PC.
    Gain Passwords from their PC.

    There are two Well known RAT Programs.

    Turkojan, And Poison Ivy, I will post both of them below.;;;

    Poison IVY;

    Firstly, at the top of poison ivy, click "File" Then New Client.

    Make the port: 8245

    Password; test (Doesn't matter what password you use, i just prefer test)

    Uncheck prompt for password on new connection, and uncheck use key file, and uncheck hide password, if their

    checked, and hit start at the bottom.

    Ok, next click "File" Then New Server.

    In profiles, click create new profile, name it testing.

    Click next at the bottom right.

    DNS/Port: Click add, and then go to whatsmyip.org to get this, the port should be the one you made in the

    client (8245)

    Uncheck connect through proxy, uncheck hijack proxy, uncheck persistent(keep trying until found) ID: testing

    Password: test

    Uncheck Use key file, uncheck hide password.

    Click next.

    Check Start on system startup

    Uncheck HKLM/Run Name:

    Check ActiveX Key Name: And then click Random.

    Check Copy File

    Filename: sys_32.exe

    Check System Folder

    Uncheck Copy to alternate data streams.

    Uncheck Melt.

    Click Next.

    Process Mutex: )!VoqA.I4

    Check Inject server intothe default browser

    Check persistence

    Check injext into a running process

    Process; explorer.exe.

    Check Keylogger. (A box may pop up saying some crap, just hit OK)

    Check PE

    File Alignment: 512

    Uncheck Shellcode.

    Click next.

    Uncheck Execute Third-Party Application after build.

    Click generate, Save it to my documents.

    Now, back in the connection tab, you should click Add, and then Test connections,

    If it shows a red X next to the IP,you have to portforward.

    I will show how to portforward at the bottom of the tutorial.

    What we have to do now, is upload our RAT server (The one you generated)

    To a webhost, i use my own host (own website)

    But you may have to use something else, so go find a hosting site, a free one, unless you have some money.

    Then Just make a Youtube Video, Tell them something believable, and get them to download your Virus. (I'm not going to tell you how to make it believable, Google "Social Engineering")

    Tutorial for Turkojan;

    1. Open turkojan.
    2. In the top left, click editor.
    3. In the box where it says Ip Address, type you're IP Address, you can get this from the following locations:

    What's My IP Address? Networking Tools & More
    IP-Adress.com - Create free account!
    My IP address? Free IP Address tracer and IP address lookup

    and IP Chicken - Whats my IP address? ip address lookup

    In the spot where it says Port:

    Put an Port from 159643 to 159649 ( You will need to put this Port in you're router settings

    (Start, End; Port)

    For the port to work.

    4. Where it says username; put any name you prefer, its not important.

    5. Where it says Running mode (Near the bottom left)

    Select Stealth Mode (Invisible)

    Now 2 more selections will become available.

    6. At the top, check copy server to PC, and Autostart server.

    That should be it, At the bottom make sure Pack Server via using UPX v.302 [Smaller Server] is checked, and hit

    save, select a destination to save to
    (I prefer my thumb drive, but its you're choice)

    Hit save, and thats it, you're virus is created and ready to ship out.

    This tutorial was written by me; Allyman8 / MKRUGGER.

    You may find this Tutorial on One other site, It was written A few months ago by me, There may be typing errors here, If so, just ignore them, I don't have the time to correct them.

    How to portforward;; (Also written by me)

    1. Go to the start menu.
    2. Click run, if run is not there, go to : All programs , Accessories , Command Prompt, if run is there, type cmd

    in the box that pops up, and hit enter on you're keyboard.

    3. type ipconfig inside of the box that comes up.

    4. Look for the numbers that come after Default Gateway...

    located under Wireless network connection.

    5. Go into you're internet explorer, and put the numbers that come after Default gateway into the address bar.
    username; admin
    password; admin
    password;leave blank
    password;leave blank
    For linksys router;

    Go to applications and gaming.

    For Belkin it will say something like "virtual
    - something "

    For all other routers, look for the above, or
    "Portforwarding" Or Forward ports.


    1.Starting Port: (Start) The port within turkojan or poison ivy, Ending Port: (End) : The port within turkojan

    or poison ivy

    Both of these depend on which program you're using

    Protocal : Both.

    IP Address:

    Go back into CMD (Command Prompt) And get the IP above Default gateway that comes after:

    IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :

    Not the subnet mask.

    Take that IP, and put it in the router settings where it says :IP Address.

    It may need the last 3 digits of the IP Address, or the Full IP Address.

    I know It's not nice to ask for +Rep, But if you learned anything from this Tutorial, I would appreciate the +Rep :D
  2. oToom

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    Oct 18, 2009
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    So your just teaching how to use other RAT's here?
    Ah, thought you were actually going to teach how to make one or something.
    Not too sure if this is allowed :S?
  3. Davedom6766

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    Oct 11, 2009
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    so this contacts your RAT server with the info of the hacked machines so that you can access them from your computer, or do you access it through the webhost?
  4. Allyman8

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    Oct 25, 2009
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    You access it from your computer.

    It's like this;

    .exe Server, Send to user, They Open it, You connect to them.

    It's kind of a two way connection, :D
  5. zimbot

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    Sep 4, 2009
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    Yay copy and paste from hackforums
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