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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by mattdoofus, Jan 16, 2010.

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    It would be awesome if someone could make a bot that would complete these jobs on mturk.com

    The requester is Amazon Requester Inc.and they pay .02 per job. I did 460 in 2-3 hours on my fastest day which was $9.20 earned. This job comes ever few days and is easy to do. Here is a screen shot of the job.


    For the first question I always answer No.

    #2 I always pick either like, neutral, or dislike.

    #3 I always pick either memorable, stupid, or hilarious

    Every single one of these offers have approved for me and I just answer the stuff with random answers. On mturk it is bad to get disapproved jobs though so it would be awesome if you could incorporate a synonym tool for the 4th question, but I've change it to something random plenty of times and it has still approved. Also it would be great to add a syllable tool if there is such a thing. But I think this would still work if you changed one word and just made it random so for example using the screen shot the bot would just answer favorite frog or blue length etc. and just put in a random number for the syllable spot.

    There are captchas but not often so there would be a need for a pop up when there is a captcha.

    This is probably a tough bot to make, but it could make loads of money fast. I can do each job in 15-30 secs so think how fast a bot could do it.

    Thanks to anyone who makes this if they can.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.