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    Site is inactive as of today (July 8, 2013). It's a shame because it was one of the first sites I joined. If you cashed out or were going to, you can forget it.

    Here's the message J posted. Decide for yourself whether you believe it or not:

    CantBeatFree IS NO LONGER ACTIVE 7-8-2013

    Howdy Folks

    I wanted to take a moment to update the status of the site. I do this as I did not want to leave my loyal users of almost 4 years in the dark as to the status of the site they have come to know over the years. I wanted to apologize for not being able to answer emails and wanted to thank Jeanie for trying to do so on my behalf. I am not one to run off in the middle of the night and leave my users in the dark so I wanted to explain the status of the site.

    As many of you know CBF is a one man show in terms of it is operation. Also As many of you who are familiar with reward/survey sites are aware the survey networks pay out net 60 to its affiliates CBF being one of those.

    That being said two huge developments have occurred in the last few weeks that have had an adverse effect on the site.

    First I has suffered a mild heart attack brought on from exhaustion and under doctors orders has not been active on the site since June 18th. Physically and emotionally under doctors orders I must cut back my work load, this includes the operation of CBF.

    Secondly CBF ran on credit, There is no way to run on a 20% profit margin and payout the users in a timely fashion without it, with the affiliate networks paying so slowly. This being said the credit line is up and must be repaid, CBF is heavily indebted and has sought bankruptcy protection.

    All this being said I am sorry to say CBF is going into restructuring and will not be awarding any gift cards until that restructuring is completed. Once the survey networks have completed their payments to CBF, and the credit line is repaid, I will evaluate the site and the operation and decide where to go from there. In short without credit any survey site would be bankrupt.

    During that time I will explore selling the site to a new owner who can take care of my users. I may be able to send out all cards or I may not be able to, and modify the site in such a way where it does not need to run on credit. I am unsure at this point only time will tell. First and foremost I must recover personally and close out the current business at hand. I am sure that process will take at least 2 months as I wait on the survey networks to complete their payments and recover physically.

    On a personal note I want to thank all of my friends on this site over the past few years. It is almost like I have dozens of pen-pals. I will not be answering any emails over the next few weeks as I attempt to recover and rest, so please forgive me for my non-responses. I am not trying to be rude just simply trying to recover.
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