Tremor games easy and fast way to get free steam games(proof)

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    Ref link :))) Tremor Games - Play Games and Win Free Steam Games, Trading Cards, TF2 Items, Gift Cards

    non ref :(((Tremor Games - Play Games and Win Free Steam Games, Trading Cards, TF2 Items, Gift Cards

    There are many ways to earn coins from playing games to downloading iphone apps
    it takes hardly any time to as on average you can get a free fallout new vagas steam key
    just by downloading and using 4-5 apps for a few minites , it very easy
    in the last 5 DAYS I have made over 11000 coins which I could redeem for way over $100 worth of games
    now for a more detailed guide

    Click "Get Coins" in the main menu at TremorGames.
    (for super fast coins to get free games within 24 hours do the ipone,ipad,android app download offers first)
    The first tab you will see is Supersonic Offers. In there, you should be able to find some offers for Facebook Apps, these are easy to complete, and almost always credit. Create a fake Facebook account, sign-in, then go to each one of these offers, one at a time, and just click the "Go to App" and "Allow" buttons for each one, leave each app open for a few minutes, then close them. Now wait upto 15 minutes, they should have all credited. I believe there is enough there to get you a couple hundred coins, great start.
    On that same tab, click "Video" inside Supersonic, you'll see around 1-8 videos, ranging from 5 coins per view, to 11 coins per view. Watch each video, one at a time, and let them play right until the end. They should all credit as long as you've let them fully play. There are usually new video offers each day, so don't worry
    If you're good at getting Surveys to credit, go ahead and click the Surveys tab, sometimes you'll find surveys offering 1000+ coins, especially if you live in places like the US and the UK.
    Now click "Trialpay Offers" tab, if you haven't purchased from GoDaddy before, and you have $5 lying around, I recommend you complete the GoDaddy offer by purchasing anything from their site worth at least $5. That offer alone gets you 11,000 coins, even if it doesn't require a tiny investment, since the games you can redeem coins are worth more than $5.

    Time for the "Superrewards Offers", click that tab. This offerwall has a reputation for offers not crediting, so, it is best to only complete the Video offers on this offerwall, as they usually credit, except the odd one here and there. They offer about 11 coins each video.

    Now look at both the "Matomy" and the "Tasks" tabs, Matomy's Tasks tab uses the same system as the normal "Tasks" tab, but don't be fooled, they usually have different tasks in each, so check them both, the tasks can take about 15-30 minutes to complete, and are mostly based on research and opinion, but they do offer some good rewards if you are successful.

    Next click the "Video Offers" tab. These videos are provided by Virool, you will earn 5 coins per video you view. You don't have to view the full-video, you only need to view 15 seconds of the video, because Virool credits it as a view after 15 seconds. Some videos however, for whatever reason, don't credit, usually though because they expire whilst you're watching them, so it is best to watch the videos at the end of the list, rather than the start. New videos pop-up on this offerwall throughout the day, I get about 10-20 an hour on weekdays, and 1-3 on Sundays.

    The final tab is "V11 Videos". It is rare to see any videos on this offerwall, but, you will find some every few days, and they are the highest paying video offers, offering about 10-50 coins per view, so it is always a good rule of thumb to check that offerwall out daily.
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