1. Wnuke

    USER GIVEAWAY 17,000+ 10kHits for free.

    Hello, I've received a lots from you all guys and it is time to give you back some of what I've gotten. I have an account with 10khits with more than 17k hits, If you know how to get profits from it just tell us how are you planning to use it in a comment below and they will be yours.
  2. H

    SELL 10khits account with 24k points

    Im selling this account for 5$ (BTC)
  3. praveenk

    SELL 10khits account

    Hey guys if anyone interested in buying 10khits account pm me and tell me your price at least above 5$ if it can happen And pay me in only btc
  4. Stickle

    Am I doing something wrong?

    I'm using "DailyMotion" for the first time, I don't normally use TE to make money but I thought I'd give it a shot as there so many people using this method at the moment, so lets start! okay so I'm using "10khits", and "Websyndic", I've got x2 vps (just to try it out) plus my own laptop mining...
  5. Trollers

    SELL 10khits 43k points 5$ BTC Only

    I'm selling my 10khits account with 43k points + 20 ref 5$ BTC Only! PM me if you are interested ;)
  6. NINJA

    Auto~Pilot Method UNLIMITED $$$ Earnings $$$ [NO INVESTMENT NEEDED]

    NOT WORKING anymore.
  7. Wnuke

    HitLeap vs 10khits

    What is the best Hitleap Alternative??? I found 10khits.com, Their browsing software is more elegant than hitleap's and you can earn 10+ every time your refs earn 100 points but their are having very low hits per day(about 80 per day), hitleap is giving me about 1500+ hits per day... 10khits...
  8. JoshPosh

    SELL Selling Multiple Teslahits Accounts with 125k points

    ________________________________________________________ Deal of the Day check back soon ________________________________________________________ Up for sale is Teslahits Accounts with 125k points for $7 USD. The math does suggest that we should be getting one account a day with the...
  9. JoshPosh

    SELL Selling Otohits accounts with 4 million points for $5 USD!!

    Up for sale is Otohits accounts with 4 million points (w/ bonus) for $5 USD. Why the bonus? It's impossible to stop the farming when you are asleep at exactly 4 million points. I've been selling accounts that have as much as 800k bonus points. I do make an account everyday so you need to...
  10. Trollers

    SELL 10khits account PRO 1 Month with 90k points

    For those who interested kindly pm me :) price $20 Account PRO expired in October,24,2015
  11. Trollers

    SELL 10khits points 10,732.80 for T$100

    I'm selling my 10khits account with 10,732.80 points for T$100 Only! PM me for those who interested only :)
  12. Trollers

    Free 10khits Account with 9,787.20 Points

    E-mail: [email protected] Password: takethebeat0000 Likes and Thanks are Welcome :)
  13. Delite

    BOT 10kHits Public Bot

    EDIT: Bot currently not working! Working on other stuff right now but heres what u can do meanwhile: Step 1: Download Fiddler http://www.telerik.com/fiddler Step 2: Start your viewer on 10khits Step 3: As soon as you gain points by the end of the timer close the window. Step 4: Find this in...