1. cchangkho

    SELL Selling Addmefast Points > 20k

    I have 3 account earning points everyday! Points > 20k/Account! Price > $5 If you interested PM me! Paypal or btc --- Post updated --- daily bum bum Now > 30k points --- Post updated --- daily bum bum > 40k points now!
  2. Magger321

    BUY AddMeFast Account - 25.000+ points

    Hi TheBotNet. Quick thread, but basically I'm looking to purchase a few Addmefast accounts with more than 25000 points, and hopefully to find a reliable supplier from whom I'll order in the future too. Hit me up with the amount of points in the account, and your price and we'll see if there's...
  3. flynhox

    SELL Sell AddMeFast Acc - 31K Point - $7 !!!

    100% SAFE / NO BANNED / CAN USE FOR LONG TIME ready account : 31K Point - $7 payment : - Paypal as gift or buyer cover fee ! - BTC Inbox me if you wanna buy !
  4. StaySchemin

    [SHOP] AddMeFast Accounts Cheapest Guaranteed [SHOP]

    I'm Selling Various AddMeFast Accounts Which Are Listed Below : Account #1 Account #2 More coming soon Payments via BTC only. You can PM me or add me on skype : motherfuckernamedicecube Prices Are Negotiable. There are no refunds after purchase. Any chargeback will result in scam...
  5. Chillivanilli

    BOT AddMeFast Bot [Lightweight + Fast]

    Today I'm releasing a lightweight and fast bot for Current Version: 1.3 (In the tutorial i forgot to mention that you need to activate the YouTube Data Api in your google account, otherwise the bot will give you an error) FEATURES Only supports YouTube subscribers for now Uses...
  6. daanie123

    BOT Addmefast Javascript Macro Pack

    Hi all, I found a Javascript macro on another forum for Twitter Retweets, but I wanted more so I duplicated the script and changed it for other services. This pack include scripts for: - AddMeFast Facebook Follow - AddMeFast Facebook Page Like - AddMeFast Facebook Post Like - AddMeFast...
  7. revzt

    SELL addmefast 15k

    ADDMEFAST POINTS SERVICES 10k points, 20k points, 30k points. NEW ACCOUNT or REFILL EXISTING ACCOUNT 100% SAFE / NO BANNED ready account : 24k points - $5 (stock 1) 20k points - $4 (stock 2) 17k points - $3,5 (stock 1) 18k points - $3.5 (stock1) payment : Paypal as gift my skype ...
  8. chathuwa96

    Addmefast help !

    hellow, i have 40k points. what i do it. choose twitter followers or facebook fanpage like. what is the good for will helping earn money to me?
  9. revzt

    SELL addmefast 50k

    ready addmefast 50k points in 1 account price : $13 payment pp as gift --- Post updated --- daily bump, addmefast 50k --- Post updated --- daily bump, your post must contain at least 6 words :) --- Post updated --- daily bump, addmefast 50k, today decrease, $10 only
  10. B

    Let's make money! $$$

    Sup guys! Im brazilian, but i live in Argentina and now I made a website to offer services for social networks. Youtube views, instagram likes, twitter followers and etc... Well, the site is ready, but now I'm needing some people to outsource these services, because I can not attend all the...
  11. chorao157


    Selling 57K points addmefast Price : 30$ Accept BTC or PAYPAL
  12. Talented

    Addmefast Clone Script

    Hi TBN's I did want to know if there is where i can buy social media exchange scrip like addmefast or likesplanet. Possibly with update and support. Thanks
  13. pankajjangir

    SELL Accounts and Points (25K in 10$)

    Hello, I am selling Accounts and Points. Price: 25,000 for 10$ only. 50,000 for 18$ only. Where you can use the points? You can Get: Facebook Post Likes Facebook Post Shares Facebook Followers Facebook Fanpage Likes Instagram Likes Instagram Followers Twitter Followers...
  14. doz4

    BUY Addmefast account 10K

    i need an addmefast account which have 10K points i can pay via btc only and price 2$
  15. revzt

    SELL sell addmefast 50k points totally

    sell 5 addmefast acc each 10k points, old acount, not new account. safe, no banned price : $10 paypal as gift. i sell all acc, not 1 by 1 acc. thanks
  16. NightlifeZz

    Addmefast Patch (Getting banned using imacro)

    I noticed today that there is a new patch, used various imacro's made from various developers and got banned. I noticed that when the bot runs, it says theres no items in the networks but when I click on Youtube subscribers for example, the Youtube subscription button appears. Just wanted to...
  17. pankajjangir

    SELL Selling AddMeFast Service - Including Points

    Hello, I am selling AddMeFast service. Selling 10000 points for 10$. But I will use that in my account only. Please Note: I am not selling any account, I will just add your page/service in my website slotes only. Points Proof: Available Slots: 3
  18. B

    BUY Buying Addmefast point

    If you wish to sell addmefast and other similar sites point. Inbox me for negotiation. The point must be atleast 500k
  19. Hancar

    BUY Addmefast PROVIDER! Contact Me!

    Hi people, im looking for a Addmefast Provider, constantly im needing Addmefast accounts so i need someone who have a lot of accounts with different amounts If you have it, please send me your rate, anyway, if you have a few or one addmefast account, please PM me :top:
  20. Ernis45

    BOT Addmefast Twitter Followers Bot.

    Make sure you're using newest Framework and don't open Addmefast in browser when using the bot. If still not working try turning off the Firewall. This is not my bot, I'm just sharing. Download Virus Total