1. Money-Maker

    Adfiver UK Registered Ptc

    Hello Guys Adfiver is nice and fast ptc unique templete Daily 0.01$ 4 ads for free member Many ads of 0.001$ Reff: Non Reff: Thank U I got payment today Payment is instant paypal payza available
  2. QactlEngi

    BOT [PHP] Adfiver BOT Script

    Hi, I am beginner in terms of boots, I will share a bot to Adfiver but in the form of a PHP script. I No Have ScreenShot This boot will complete all the Advertisements and AdGrid to you in a short time. Why? just look at the code for more details. What do you need? Linux Web Hosting (Search...
  3. ghrissi

    Your Life's Work - Trusted Site

    Is AdFiver a Scam? Company: Adfiver International Services LLC Registered company in Delaware US Site is Online Since: 2015 The admin of this site has made great choices and website seems to be unique andsecured by McAfee. Specific information: Source site: Custom Script, is self-written...
  4. CoderChris

    BOT Adfiver PTC Bot v2.0.2 - Up to $5+/day [SITE IS A SCAM]

    :datass: :datass: :datass: :datass: :datass: :datass: :datass: :datass: :datass: :datass: #hype2k15 WARNING!!! SCAM IN PROGRESS. Can't withdraw atm. ffs People can't read. YOU NEED 20 POSTS ON THIS FORUM TO USE THIS BOT. Adfiver PTC Bot v2.0.2 Watch gif below Deceptive thread title :pfft...
  5. Boyzone83

    ADFIVER - New and Promissing PTC - BEST STRATEGY

    Launch date: 16-10-2015 AdFiver is a product of AdFiver International Services LLC, registered company in Delaware, USA. Adfiver address(AdFiver Corporation): 340 S LEMON AVE #5840 WALNUT, CA 91789 UNITED STATES Paypal of AdFiver : Paypal Business verified by Paypal Note: Only big PTC company...
  6. exchanger24h

    [AdFiver] GUIDE MAKE MONEY AdFiver - SITE PTC REALLY GOOD - US company - Paypal Business Verified

    Today, I'll introduce you to a new Web reputation PTC, after a number of reputation sites ptc we showed earlier. Part 1: Introduction to Adfiver - Adfiver is a PTC website (Custom Script) - Run day 16 -10 - 2015, during the previous thorough preparation of the development team Ad fiver. - Did...