1. L

    Make money by Adfly traffic bot

    hi everybody, without getting long in this article i will chow you guys how to make money from adfly by traffic bot . lest's start : fist u need to sing up on afdly HERE download trafficbot HERE also proxy list HERE we will need it unzip the folder open TrafficBot Full Edition setting up...
  2. zzdown

    Earnskip Earn 25€ /1k views , 20% ref. No captcha, $3 min. Payout Every Month

    Hey Tbn User, Today i share wth new shortlink have now the best Cpm Usa if have site web or methode traffic safe You welcome reg ref --> i can help more with my methode invest reg noref--> i can't help sorry Payout...
  3. rockingpg0

    Can believe i found 14$ in old adfly account XD

    so this made my day.. i saw a post on tbn about adfly and i suddenly came to my mind that i have an account in it... i was not sure what the password was but i recover it and when i logged into i found this you may ask what i did in past... well i use to make website and offer free software...
  4. R

    Hey New To This Forum But Have Big Ideas For Money Making

    Hey Guys Just Thought I Would Join This Forum To Share My Ideas On How To Make Money.I Just Started Like 1 Years Ago Making Money. I Think I Have A Unique Mindset that might surprise you with ideas. I do like sharing my ideas. like to see people benefiting. I am also here to get referrals as you...
  5. writerkhan by - My Earnnings is new site from for Adult Traffic Only I'm using it from about 15-20 Days My Earnings :gtfo: Ref. Link Non. Ref. i still didn't get paid because of this rule :happy: Ref. Link Non. Ref. Next Payment Date is January 1st 2017 i will upload Payment Proof after that :score...
  6. Rainb0wBac0n

    Best way to get more traffic on

    Hey guys, simply put, I want to start banking from and similar sites. Can anyone explain what the best way to get traffic to the shortened links is? Thanks :top:.
  7. revproxy

    My BlackHat method to frame-break (Part 2)

    In the first part i show my method to frame-break in adfly. In this part i will use the method from the first part to force file download in adfly. We start with the js redirect from the campaign landing page like in part 1 <script> setTimeout(function(){ location.href = "file_2.html' }, 500)...
  8. revproxy

    My BlackHat method to frame-break

    You can grab very cheap traffic from adfly (0.40$ for 1k visits) on proxy deal but you limited to 5 sec only with adfly header. Adfly detects attempts for frame break, after fews months i found the way how to break the frame and not get banned. first of all frame-break is change the location...
  9. R

    Buy Bitcoin with credit card

    Please, Can any one tell me how to buy bitcoin with credit card instantly
  10. Minatowalid

    Earn money with Adfly and Shorte

    Hi guys finally im a Member so today i will give you some method how to earn money with Adfly and Shorte :) So first you need to sign up here : REF : ADFLY / Shorte NO REF : ADFLY / Shorte I have 3 method But i will share just 2 because the last its my private method i will share it...
  11. SimonEleven

    SELL Adfly account with 6.5$ for 4$ BTC

    HELLO TBN I'm selling an adfly account which contains 6.5$ in balance for 4$ worth of Bitcoin. The reason I'm selling it is because I don't have a Paypal to withdraw, So if you have one you can profit 2.5$ when you withdraw if you buy it from me.
  12. Opera

    Free Make Money From 2016 - Opera

    Hi guys i know you guys already know about but today i'm going to share a payment that adfly does work, and lot of people still use it. Get organic views & get good. I just started using already made 11 dollar. <-- sign up non FAQ What is Adfly ? -Is a...
  13. E


    SHORT.TAFFIXBITS.XYZ Now you can earn money by just sharing your links! 3 easy steps SHRINK-SHARE-EARN Members: - Easy daily income - Earn from home - Professional support - Great community You can earn from different types of ADS Standard ad : $0.0012 Extended ad : $0.008 Mini ad ...
  14. winrocks

    How to earn $ with HitDroiD HitDroid is now ended its beta test, now i give you some method on how to use it to earn some money. The image come during beta test with only few member registered To know more about HitDroid you can folow this thread A. Enable shorlink click (VIP) Make a new page/post on...
  15. winrocks

    []Autosurf TE With External Firefox Browser

    HitDroid now have new feature for Youtube traffic. Folow this link to learn more about HitDroid and Youtube Please update your surf engine if you still using the old version. HitDroid is another Traffic Exchange service that unlike other services, it guarantees the quality of traffic by...
  16. winrocks

    HitDroid - Traffic Exchange (Beta)

    Video Tutorial HitDroid is yet another Website Traffic Services that offer more than other can give. The main goal is to deliver the best quality traffic to your site with a simple autosurf where you can gain traffic while you sleep. We design our autosurf to act just like "human", it just like...
  17. Nonneon123

    Easy Guide To Make Money

    Hi! will list ways that you could do to earn money. I don't want this too be too long so I won't give alot of detail and these aren't the best you might or will have a better method so please either correct me or share your method :) :frog::frog: 1) Adfly - Easiest way to earn some cash but...
  18. LightningXD

    How to skip links!

    How to skip Links. Ever come across one of those really annoying websites that are just full of links? There is now a great solution for you! All you have to do is: Install the plugin/extension (Links are bellow) Go back to that link filled website! Click on any of the...