1. T0x

    Verified Channels - How much are they worth?

    Hey guys, I'm curious how valuable verified YouTube channels are now? Because YouTube seems to prioritise verified comments over non-verified
  2. samron77

    What is your Adsense CTR?

    Just had a boost on traffic on one of my website and the CTR hella decreased. From 4% to 1.5% as the traffic grows. Somehow the CPC shows increasing number, good lord Adsense. Would love to receive your experiences?
  3. S

    what's is your way

    what is the best methode to make money online us for you ?? - adsense - blogging - dropshipping . . . let's see what do you think :icame:
  4. NightlifeZz

    Adsense v MCN in 2018

    I'm currently on adsense and I'm only getting 4cpm which is really low. Its my own content and it gets around 5-15k legit views per video. I'm concidering joining a network. Share your cpm here and tell me who you are partnered with.
  5. A

    SELL US and UK Pin Verfied Adsense Account

    Now i can provide US and UK Google Adsense Pin Verfied (address verfied) Non Hosted Accounts. - No 3rd Party - 68% Revenue Share - No admob - 100% Legit method - All above or 100% Fully Refund (in case i Fail to provide you account)! - No Guraante after login to your adsense account! (google...
  6. JoshPosh

    YouTube New Monetization Requirements

    As you can see you now need 4000 hours of view time (in the past 12 months) and 1000 subscribers to get reviewed for adsense monetization. EDIT: Let's hope MCNs wont adopt these requirements as well. Yes, using a older yt channel will get you grandfathered into monetization, but the MCN can...
  7. A

    SELL Adsense Non-Hosted Fully Approved Accounts

    I am selling US and UK Adsense Non-Hosted Fully Approved Accounts - NoN Hosted adsense account work at any site - 100% Legit method - All above or 100% Fully Refund (in case i Fail to provide you account)! - No Guraante after login to your adsense account! (google adsense very strict i can't...
  8. JoshPosh

    SELL Aged Fullscreen YouTube Channel

    Up for sale is a aged Fullscreen channel. $150 USD, FIRM! I will not entertain low ballers. Send me a PM and I'll issue you the terms. I'm not writing out a full blown ad again for this thread. If you want to read more on the terms click here and here, for full blown marketplace threads...
  9. Ussagui


    Is there a good/easy/simple way to earn with Adsense ? it can be low, passive income. thanks
  10. janoko

    Sugest My Moneysite

    Hello TBN member.. 1 week ago...i build 200 website basic wallpaper with AGC (auto generate content) i used adsense for all site.. but i want more money,anyone suggest media network allowed to combine with adsense?? please suggest me.. give me your opinion,, info adsense dasboard BPK: 0,2$...
  11. sesame

    adsense blocked my domain

    Hello adsense blocked my domain any way to unblock it again ?
  12. sesame

    Adsense Account

    Hello any one know a method to get adsense account easily thank in advance
  13. macoy1991

    Autorefresh of website

    Is it safe to use autorefresh on my website that has been connected to adsense?
  14. A


    Hello im new member, i came from indonesia, i will share about adsese, fb ads, bitcoin. thanks you
  15. A

    Paying 10 usd fo pin adsense verification

    I am paying 10 usd fo pin adsense verification, must live in US because my adsense account is from US, just give me your adress, and after you receive PIN send the pin via email.
  16. A

    Adsense account verification

    Hi, i created a US youtube account because i wanted to use my payoneer bank account, now i can´t verify the linked adsense account, i try using my usgobuy address but not receiving the PIN verification letter, is the second time now. I want to know if someone can help me with that? I am paying...
  17. OneSpeak

    BUY Upgrading Adsense account /Buying non-hosted adsense account

    Hello... I am looking for someone who can upgrade my hosted adsense account to non-hosted one. If you have a good site which can be used to do that then you're welcome. Also if you are selling non-hosted adsense accounts, we can talk about that. pm me if you got any of those. Thanks.
  18. Mr Maharishi

    SELL Google Adsense US account

    Im selling adsense us non hosted account $40 Full approved Have not verified the address, paypal/bitcoin MM accepted
  19. Talented

    SELL Adsence Account

    Hello, i am selling google Adsense account. $0.7 bance. Have not been using it for a while.
  20. basamgad

    Youtube and adsense different reports

    Hello guys im facing weird problam which its i got in my youtube anlytics report 10-20k views okey ? but when check adsnese found that count only like 1-5k page views ! why that i think should count all page views right ? but when they count like 1-5k page views that mean more then 80% of my...