agc to btc

  1. frchowe214

    SELL $5 AGC for BTC 80%

    Got an AGC to sell for BTC. Let me know if interested. --------------Updated---------------- Sold to @sardasa
  2. aniket93

    AGC for sale 85% BTC

    Hello guys, I am selling 2x $5 agc at 83% btc. PM me to deal, I am going first with the users with high rep :smile: Edit : 4x $25 agc in stock ... Edit : 20x $5 agc in stock ... rate 85% btc :smile:
  3. Faded


    Hi, I am buying and Giftcards. Rates are negotiable Nike rate: 70% Paypal and 60% Bitcoin rate: 70% Paypal and 60% Bitcoin I don't accept: carded GC and eWhored GC Make sure the AGC is for in €, not $. --- Post updated --- bump I am still looking to buy...
  4. A

    SELL Amazon Gift Card 40$ for 32$ BTC

    I want am selling 40$ AGC for 32$ BTC
  5. N

    SELL $5 AGC

    I have 1x $5 Amazon Gift Card and I need 0.01600058BTC (about $4 in BTC = 80%) PM me if your willing to buy it. No Less.