1. JillianV

    [Guide + Proof] Earn up to $54 playing RAID Shadow Legends (ySense Revenue Universe offer)

    Follow this thread! I'll update when DOUBLE or TRIPLE reward promos are active on ySense Please be aware there' s a similar RAID offer available (open 2 Sacred Shards in 30 days) but it's a lot harder to complete and not worth it! Read the offer's description carefully! The one you want to...
  2. Puskawolf

    Freeward GPT | Watch Videos and earn money! ( Passive Income )

    In addition to we added HideoutTv and AscendMedia to Freeward. Watch videos passively and earn coins! Hideout.TV is a rewarded video platform that allows users to earn rewards by watching videos even passively. You can also find other video categories there. Instructions: Signup here...
  3. pointer123

    35$ Values Amazon Gift Cards.

    I have below values Amazon Gift Cards 1 x $25 Amazon gift card 2 x $5 Amazon gift card I want to sell with 85% Paypal. If anyone interested to buy, please let me know.
  4. anonymous35

    SELL gifts cards

    have 4x5$ 90% paypal thanks
  5. Puskawolf

    SELL [S] 20$ AGC - 85% BTC / PP

    Selling 20$ AGC in 10$ denominations, so right now I'm selling: x2- 10$ card. Obtained from legit source, nothing shady or grey stuff. Rate: 85% BTC or PayPal Rule: You go first You cover fees especially for PP Want to sell in 1 transaction, so do not bother me selling them in parts. Kbye :jew:
  6. Chillivanilli

    BUY | Amazon.DE Gift Cards | AGC | 85% | BTC |

    I'm buying your amazon.DE gift cards for 80% 85% BTC. No .com, .uk or anything else, only german ones! No carded or ewhored ones. If you are not a trusted member on TBN i will need a proof of where you got it from.
  7. pointer123

    Selling AGC worth 66$

    Hi I want to sell AGC worth 66$ with paypal. If anyone want to buy, please let me know.
  8. Tom Riad


    Stock: $0 Rate: 85% Source: Legit Payment: Coinbase I will go first if your rep is higher than me
  9. vxpxtxcx

    BUY Buying Amazon Giftcards for Paypal

    Buying Amazon Giftcards for Paypal. Rate: 90% as friends and family or gift Need $75 Denomination less than or equal $25
  10. Rainb0wBac0n

    SELL Selling $117 Amazon US Gift Card

    Hey I'm selling a $117 Amazon US Gift Card for PayPal. Since it's such a high amount, I would prefer a higher percentage than the usual 70-80% that goes for the smaller denominations like $5 and $10. I can provide proof, timestamps, etc. of the card if necessary. PM me if interested! 1543794799...
  11. Nevik

    BUY Wtb 100$ AGC

    Have some dropship orders I need done, need 100$ agc offering 85$ paypal
  12. C

    BUY $41 AGC @ 80% PayPal

    I need $41 AGC at 80% which is $32.8 PayPal. Must not be stolen. PM me after replying here. I will go first for trustworthy members and others, I will not. I have PayPal.
  13. C

    BUY [Done] $239 Amazon Gift card (AGC) or Amazon balance via pp 80%

    I need $239 AGC at 80%. Must not be stolen. I also need an Amazon balance of $239 if I can't get the amount in AGC. PM me with offers after replying here. I will go first for trustworthy members and others, I will not. I have paypal.
  14. Ashik4u

    TRADE 15$ AGC for 10$ BTC

    I have 15$ Amazon Gift Card (3x 5$) Want to sell for 10$ BTC Thanks 1538022647 Sold to @Eduar
  15. Mawr

    BUY Buying Amazon Gift Cards @ 85% PayPal

    Looking to buy Amazon (USA) gift cards for 85% PayPal! No crypto, sorry. Will buy ranges in between $5 - $200, or can buy more if you're reputable. Hmu for quick and easy trades.
  16. maruan


    I'm buying $30 AGC payment via paypal / bitcoin
  17. faizx

    SELL Selling Amazon GC

    Selling amazon gift card for 90% PayPal. 1$ x 13 available.. Pm me
  18. Rainb0wBac0n

    SELL $10 AGC for PayPal

    Pref 95%, but PM me if you have a lower offer, and we can work something out. I can go first if you have more reps/better trade history.
  19. Rainb0wBac0n

    SELL $10 Amazon US Gift Card For Sale

    Hey I have a $10 AGC for sale. PayPal only, and would prefer 90%. PM me if interested, or to make offers.
  20. Varunsin

    SELL Gift Cards - 88 Crypto%

    stock: $0 denoms: 15/25/50 accept: 88% crypto (BTC/LTC/ETH) 94% PP gift (upto $250 only). NOT CARDED OR E-WHORED SHIT. post here or pm with offers. SOLD: $475 @Promoguy $100 @Eduar $1575 @geogrelady