1. slovenian

    Alexamaster first payout !

    :ded: Can I still use this account??
  2. Rangers

    [TUTORIAL] How To Make $2-3 A Day Using VPS (AutoPilot)

    In this TBN community I have seen many people having lot of VPS and most of them have no idea what to do with their VPS after the massive ban from YT and DM. So this tutorial may help you to cover back your VPS cost and might fetch you some profit if you follow the instructions I give below...
  3. Rangers

    [PAYMENT PROOF] Adzbux, CPMBux, AdMediaTex, BlockAdz and More

    -#$^$%&^%(&^&*)*&(%^&*@$%!#[email protected]$^$(%%&*)*&)^&_^_&*#&!#%[email protected][email protected]#$^%(*& ATTENTION: This thread just shows the Payment Proof and not any methods. [email protected]$#%%*^%)(^&$^@!#!#%$&*)*(&_*()$^&@%[email protected]#%!#$^*%(&*)*(&_^(#%^[email protected]#% Today I am gonna share some of the payment proof that I have received from the list of...
  4. T

    Alexamaster new proof

    I had request 5$ since 9 days ago, but it's still loading and loading after 7 days :frog:: I submitted a ticket yesterday, and they paid me after 12h :love2::love2::love2:: REF NON-REF
  5. T

    All ptp site I'm using + proof

    1. CPMBUX proof: I use about 1000 visit otohits/day, 3slot hitleap, 1 jingling and get 0,2~0,4usd/day Daily payment, about 12h after request. (Minimum 1$) REF: Non-ref: Special thanks for ref :love2::love2::love2...
  6. L

    Alexa master proxy bot?

    Most of you know how Alexamaster works. You get a surfing link which you can open on many vps/computers to get points. Is there a Bot which opens this surfing link a few times at once with many proxies? For example 100 proxies open this surfing link at once and keep it opened so it will give...
  7. montesqu

    AlexaMaster ... best autosurf :)

    Hello! Sorry for the bad english. Dear users THEBOT.NET ! The project really pays :) Payment proof: 02\09\2015 3 USD 05\09\2015 3 USD 05\10\2015 5 USD And as quickly pays for work performed - for example by video 06\09\2015 acc stat 06\10\2015 acc stat Good luck! Ref :) NoRef :(
  8. MikiSoft

    BOT [UniBot] Alexa Master bot

    You just have to put your auto surf URL when running the bot, and that's it. For the rest of explanation, go here.