1. cor3

    Hello all coders, viewers, ladies, gentlemens and everything else

    My name is Javier Mejias, i'm from venezuela. it's been 10 years since i started to code and i have to say i have adquired various skills in many, many languages. Coding is my air, looking a bit back i've been coding so much lately, i do it everyday. i will get a Raspberry Pi 3 Next Week, i...
  2. Aliasger00

    Aquos Digital/Freedom - YouTube Partnership, High CPM's, Accepts Everyone! RESPOSTING SeekingTruth p

    Hey there! You might be here because you weren't accepted to Aquos Digital! If you are new, apply to Aquos Digital here: Reff: :fuckyea::feel::frog: ^^ 90% Revenue Share ^^ For this...
  3. shaggyreetha

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  4. shaggyreetha

    Best method to earn online + with payment proofs(android worldwide)

    check this thread guys