amazon gift cards

  1. pointer123

    35$ Values Amazon Gift Cards.

    I have below values Amazon Gift Cards 1 x $25 Amazon gift card 2 x $5 Amazon gift card I want to sell with 85% Paypal. If anyone interested to buy, please let me know.
  2. MA19112001

    SELL Amazon Gift Cards - 85% [Accepting PayPal / Bitcoin]

    I am selling Amazon Gift Cards, mostly US but I also have other countries. Don't try to negotiate about the price since it already is really low. All the Gift Cards are obtained legally. You must be willing to go first or we can contact one of the staff members to help us as a MiddleMan. I will...
  3. habibkhan72

    Earn Money Playing Games and Taking Simple Quizzes Payout PayPal+GirfCard+Bitcoin

    Earn free bitcoins and PayPal Dollars and Free Gift Card No limit of earning you can Start earning today just by taking small quizzes and playing games. You can earn as much as you want. This is a 100% real website. If you are from UK,US, Canada and other similar countries then you can earn much...
  4. F

    SELL Gift Cards

    Hey guys, i have some amazon gift cards and i want to sell them. I have: 2 x $30 AGC. SOLD 1 x $7 AGC. 1 x $20 AGC SOLD 1 x $5 AGC SOLD I was expecting to be paid trough PayPal or even BTC with a rate of 85%. PM if interested
  5. Delite

    SELL Amazon Gift Cards

    Amazon Gift Card Store! Selling at 92% rate to verified Paypals only. Only from legit sources (moderator can PM to verify) Sold a lot of cards before. 5$ Card (0 stock) 10$ Card (4 stock) 25$ card (0 stock) 50$ card (0 stock) stock updated: 2018-05-01 total: 40$ available Sold 30$ to...
  6. zzdown

    SELL Amazon Gift Card %

    close topic plz admin or mod @Laserus @Harwinder @TJ
  7. Podgor

    SELL Selling Amazon Balance & Gift Cards for Bitcoin @85%

    Amazon balance You need an existing Amazon Prime subscription to receive the balance, otherwise you'll end up with 3 or 12 months of Amazon Prime. I can deliver the prime directly to your email address or provide the link you can share with someone. Amazon gift cards Digital codes, I'm the only...
  8. ernks

    SELL Amazon Gift Cards

    :frog:AMAZON GIFT CARDS:frog: Current Stocks x17 - $1 = 17$ AGC Rates PayPal - 93% (I will only be accepting payments from PP if you're trusted enough or regular/legit AGC buyer) BTC - 85% This AGCs are not illegally obtained, I received this as rewards. I am willing to go first for...
  9. csgommready

    SELL 8$ amazon gift card for 7 $

    1 $ 5 amazon gift card 1 $10 amazon gift card 1 25 $ ebay gift card for bitcoin 88 %
  10. S

    Intro Post: looking to sell Amazon Gift cards for 95%+ their value

    Hey, Just an honest guy here trying to get a good exchange for Amazon gift cards. Anything 95% or above is just peachy. I prefer Google Wallet but I'm open to other methods. Thanks!
  11. Slynkas

    SELL Selling $115 AGC BTC only

    I'm selling a total of $115 Amazon GC @ 80% only via BTC. If you are interrested PM me.
  12. devilcry


  13. Faded


    Hi! :) I am regularly buying gift cards. I can pay with PayPal and BTC. The cards must NOT be carded. My rates are for e-whored cards: 45% e-whored | BTC 50% e-whored | PayPal My rates for not e-whored cards: 55% not e-whored | BTC 60% not e-whored PayPal In 99% of the cases, I...
  14. BloodyBot

    SELL 2x 25€ Amazon DE Gift Cards

    Hey guys. First time here... ^^ 2x 25€ Amazon DE Gift Cards (not codes) 45€ for both of them 25€ for one of them Accepting BTC or PayPal as Gift PM me if you have any other questions. Edit.: Selling only to trusted Members bloodybot
  15. anonymous22

    SELL 2 x $50 amazon GCs

    I have got them in exchange of some services i give. I want 85% BTC only at preev rate.
  16. SearchAndWin

    RewardsGate - Brand New GPT Launch - Amazon Gift Cards & More

    RewardsGate is a brand new GPT that just launched. Right now they have Amazon Gift Cards, Payeer, and Perfect Money. You can get in early below. I will post payment proof as soon as I cashout. REF - NON -
  17. Fatt

    [Free]$5 x 3 Amazon gift cards

    Take our confidential research survey. Get a $5 Amazon gift card for completing the survey and earn chances to win a $2500 Amazon gift card. rape this milf @rastof
  18. SearchAndWin

    PointDollars - #1 GPT On The Planet!

    PointDollars has been a staple in the GPT community. It has 50,486 members! I've made some good change here over the years. It's the most stable GPT site online. You can check it out below. Payment Proof REF - Non-Ref -...
  19. SearchAndWin

    OneDayRewards - Brand New GPT - Amazon/Instant Paypal +

    OneDayRewards is a brand new GPT that officially launches tomorrow. They have instant PayPal, manual PayPal, BitCoin, $1.00 & $5.00 Amazon gift cards. You can check it out below and get in early. REF - Non-Ref -
  20. princess201

    TRADE my amazon for your paypal :)

    i have 20.50 in my amazon account so if you wanna trade with me shoot me a pm must be trusted :) thank you! the lowest i am going is by %90 =)