1. Yidir

    AMD's new SSG Technology blends an SSD with a GPU

    AMD's says its Solid State Graphics Technology will enable terabytes of storage on a graphics card. AMD Radeon Technologies Group exec Raja Koduri holds a GPU with more than 1TB of memory using the company's newly announced SSG technology. You can never have enough memory on a professional...
  2. D

    In your opinion what is better AMD or Nvidia for gaming?

    Currently I believe that Nvidia is better because they have Shadow Play allowing you to record your game play for free with out it effecting your fps at all but AMD is about to release a $200 graphics card that is Virtual Reality ready. Witch side do you choose?
  3. D

    In your opinion what is better AMD or Intel

    I'm currently a fan of AMD because of their prices but I do believe that Intel are easier to cool and I do believe that Intel will out last AMD in the long run.
  4. F

    New guy

    Hello all, I am Fawkes32, I love to try new things, I love technology ans specially what you can do with it i am an enthusiast of home automation and of a lot of things. I am currently looking on how to build an AMD hackintosh. so if you have any inquiry let me know and see if I can help.
  5. BitMiner

    TECH TALK [HELP] Trying to upgrade apu on laptop

    I have amd a8-5545m apu on my laptop and I've done a bit of research an came up with two apu that fit the sockets: -amd a6 5357m A6-5357M.html -amd a10 5757m