1. BitMiner

    $3.00+ a month for free

    App pays 10¢ usd everyday just for having it installed on a phone (checks sim, data not required) 50¢ extra every month so far I've gotten a $20 amazon gc REF Non-Ref
  2. S

    Andriod Emulator to run multiple instances with google login

    I need a Anrdriod emulator which can run 2-3 instances simultaneously.They should also have google login enabled.I already have googleplayservices,playgames,playstore apk latest. I currently use bluestacks with BS Tweaker. My work: Reset and login into a app and use google sign in to make...
  3. OPS

    Ultimate Guide to Bank with iOS & Android Apps

    Hey guys, so I had some time on my hand and though to give back to the community. In this thread I made two comparison tables with all the necessary information about the hottest paying Apps out there (based on my search). Note that I don't use any of this apps, I installed them yesterday just...
  4. J

    [IOS/Android] Big Time | Win Money by playing Games

    Hi, here a nice Game to win some Money by playing games.... it's funny and addictive. plz use invitation Code: SHVBZ Download the app for: Android: IOS...
  5. writers4all

    1bn Android Devices Affected by Stagefright 2.0

    Over 1bn Android mobile devices are recognized as affected by a new security bug named Stagefright 2.0. This is the follow-up to the Stagefright vulnerability, which allowed intruders to obtain access to an Android phone by sending it an MMS message. The new, 2.0 version of the security...