1. Turkuaz

    How can i do family finger and other kid animation

    Friends I watched on youtube family finger videos how to do?I saw this program on web,but how can i find it i dont know.If anyone knows please write.
  2. cooluser

    Need help with photoshop animations

    Hello, I've been trying to make some animated web banners for my web projects in Photoshop. I know I suck at design :P but still I'm trying to learn it right now. To the point, I'm trying to animate object and text movements in the banners I made, am using tween frames for that. But the final...
  3. realist88

    which software used to create this video?

    Can anybody tell me which software used to create this video? --- Post updated --- up
  4. avresthacker

    SELL Your Animated Character

    Hey, I'll turn you in your animated form. Samples: High Resolution Color 1 Figure Background/Scene I need reference picture(s) and description of detail (e.g. eyes color) Will be Delivered in jpg (or png if you like). Price : $15/Picture. Delivery Time : 3-5 Days! PM Me Or Skype ...
  5. steampunkz


  6. SimonEleven

    [TuT] Basic Walking Animation// General Knowledge.

    WALKING ANIMATION TUTORIAL: Greetings, this is a small tutorial on how to make a simple walking animation, just general knowledge you should know. Animating anything is all about the frames that you draw, and he walking animation require 4 frames. After you're done drawing your frames...