1. impshum

    Best ad network for low/building traffic?

    So... I have a new site built and I would like to monetise it a little before I can get Adsense involved. The bitch is that I've developed this with AJAX and gogGle doesn't use JS to scrape (Oops!) Which ad networks would you recommend I start with for low traffic domains? Niche: anime memes
  2. Faded


    Henlo to every anime fanb0i and weeb! I am giving away an account @Blaziken has created for me that is still working for 13 days. I unfortunately got into some shit and can't use it myself. Anyway, here come the requirements: Registered for min. 30 days Giveaway ends in exactly 24 hours...
  3. galbatron

    ANIME I want some good anime

    hello guys, please suggest me some good lists thank you all :)
  4. slovenian

    REVIEW MY SITE My Hentai website-almost 1 year

    Hi bois, I started from scratch 1 year ago, so much fails and wins but now I have like 250- 400 visits daily, basic SEO and many fb accounts blocked (my website got blacklisted too) but still in battle. It´s a little messy in firefox cause the lazy load image tool with my theme. So here it is...
  5. galbatron

    ANIME What is your 10 best anime list

    I'm searshing for good anime lists and I want your opinions
  6. Zacksaw

    ANIME Thoughts about Dragonball Super

    Friend did a video about the subject of dragonball super and the seriousness compared to Dragonball z, i thought it was good video
  7. Stipaxa

    Answered Need Anime lovers help

    Hi all TBN members) Do you like Anime? I need some anime`s with different languages Please send me sites, where i can download or view online videos with anime And please send with your native language. Thanks in advance, guys! :top:
  8. bhavneetmonu

    suggest good anime

    hi guys i have watched naruto , angel beats , fullmetal AB, Devil may cry , my hero acad. sword art online , death note now donno know which short anime should i start plz suggest good one thnk
  9. 1337_Pirate

    ANIME Best Anime Suggestions?

    Hey, guys.. I've seen almost all the popular animes out there! And I'm wanting to try something similar which would be fun to watch. Searched on Myanimelist but didn't get any attractive materials. I'm giving the list of Anime I've already Watched to let you people know which I have watched and...
  10. airsupply110

    LINKS ALL DRAGON BALL Z FAN! help me make this go VIRAL!

    like the title said help me make this video go viral watch,like share on social media real life super saiyan and kamahamaha lol please please sometimes i even blow my own mind :)
  11. pantek

    GoogleDrive embed generator (For VIDEO)

    You don't need register or invite code , This Website will help you to create website video/movie , just upload your video in google drive ,and copy your sharing link ,make it public , and submit your drive link ,u can use subtitle too :) , this site will will generate iframe embed and u can...
  12. SimonEleven

    Check out my Illustration HUEHUEHEU

    I made this :ohyou: Rate maybe?
  13. jaum

    Planning on Building an Anime/Movie Website

    Last year, Me and @athan12 launched the CPA Affiliate Network AdeliteMedia ( and it is doing pretty good until now. However, the ads and offers are pretty down on the Q3 and we've noticed this even last year. Now, we are planning on building an Anime/Movie streaming...
  14. MicheleXVII

    Rate my YouTube editing skills (AMV)

    Hi, TBN I have an AMV channel on YouTube. Please, can you rate my editing skills? :3
  15. blanqard


    I don't know if you have watched this already, but this more like a Master Yi hack & slash anime. Suggested to people who like demon + kick-ass action.
  16. Kuren

    Favorite AMV's

    Post your favorite amv. At the moment mine would have to be this one!
  17. blanqard

    Still love this anime movie classic

    RED LINE Link English Dubbed: Kissanime Link English Subbed: RED LINE
  18. marcm

    Why my thread deleted without notice and I don't know why?

    My useful post about downloading TV shows/HD Movies/Anime in legit site is deleted. What the hell happening here? Before you delete my thread you should give notice. I can't find my own thread, can you please enlighten me? Thread link deleted ->...
  19. luigiymario2

    ANIME Selling anime shirts, mugs and stuff.

    Ok, so, I have a shop and would like to sell to you anime related stuff such as shirts, mugs and pillows; I can even personalize you a shirt with your favorite anime or picture if you want. Here is the link: By the way, we can work the price if you...
  20. A

    ANIME Need business partner with anime website

    Hi guys I have a youtube channel,mostly about animes and video games, i put a website link at description, something like "where to find anime", the problem is that i dont have time to make a anime website and create youtube videos about animes at the same time. I always point at description a...