1. L

    noobie here looking for making money online.

    Hey there! my name is learner8888 (that´s not my real name, but still). I landed here because i googled adfly bots and found this forum. My ass was kicked in adfly, but anyway, i am here to make some money (and friends too). That´s about it. I don´t really know what to say. Regards, Learner8888
  2. THBP

    Gokano, signup ... earn point ... + (giveaway inside)

    Hello, and welcome all :) I am sure you know about Gokano, but today i am posting for people who don't know it Gokano is a new website where you collect points and use them to get gifts completely for free! How to collect points (GN): 1- Login daily and click the "Collect daily points". 2-...