1. peachrules

    Best Sites to Download Cracked/Modded APKs?

    What websites or sources do you guys use for cracked/modded APK files? Delete if not allowed - Thanks!
  2. Ussagui

    Ankulua Pro APK

    Hey guys where can i find cracked/patched APKs? I'm looking for this one Ankulua Pro 8.2.0 , any way to get it? (or older version since if it works ...)
  3. thewordis

    Do you like mobile games for ios and apk?

    Do you like mobile games for ios and apk? If so do you like to get them modded? Leave a comment
  4. Okappa

    APK decode, mod and compile again?

    There's an app that ask me to pay to remove created pdf watermark. I opened the apk and found the .png watermark. I was thinking to replace this .png with an empty one so I can have my cleaned pdf when I use the app!! The .png is in the "res" folder. I've tryied to open the apk as zip and...
  5. O

    Lucky gifts with this app....real gift

    I invite you to download this cool app called Lucky Stars. Just mention this ref. code BHQFOGQA when registering for the app luckystarsapp-com *Use . Instead - Don't forget to add ref.code or else ur registration may not get verified. Share your username here after registering
  6. Master Yi

    Spotify MOD Apk for Android - FREE Premium Features!

    So basically you can use a FREE Spotify account, and enjoy PREMIUM features. Download: https://dailyuploads.net/kflplbatkovz Virus Scan (0/55): https://virustotal.com/en/file/0989e0a4ce06ed831a30092b01568b2fe44f00738ce634328c24b37a39e3e8f9/analysis/1473503462/ Features Play any artist...
  7. blanqard

    Earn/ WIN money by playing on your phone!

    Win lot of money while playing games on your mobile possible?:unhappy: Of course!!!:grin: BIGTIME! Collect tickets and be eligible in the draw for the pot price (currently at 500$) There are lots of games to choose from and you don't need to worry about energies or any other limitations...
  8. D

    Baymack method dead?

    Hi, I've seen the post of one user sharing an app called Baymack in which you watch videos and you earn money. I don't know what method you used, but I have the .apk. Please let me post in the main forum of Make Money and I will upload the old .apk version.