1. Laserus

    How the Laserus and APL Drama Really Went Down Today!

    I hope you guys enjoy the video I made :snicker: P.S. Don't take it seriously, it's just a joke. @ApplePieLife and I have already made our amends, but I found this video on the trending page of YouTube about 20 minutes ago, and thought it'd be perfect for a hilarious video about what happened...
  2. Kee

    Black Ops 3 X2 XP

    Double XP is rolling out for Multiplayer & Zombies at 10AM PST(GMT+0 - 6PM), I will be pounding multiplayer on Xbox One. If anyone wants to join me PM me your GT and I will add you to the party, Ill be doing a 24 hour session to get challenges complete . Btw Cee & Apl r ma...
  3. ApplePieLife

    Happy Birthday Shiina!

    It's @Shiina's Birthday today! Greet him k?
  4. ApplePieLife

    Do a little Good.

    I don't really know how to write this thread but whatever.. .I'm just gonna go and say it Go donate to this to agency if you want to, if not then its okay. No biggie. It's fine. I just want people to be aware of it. If they want to share some of their riches lol.. What it is about: The agency...
  5. ApplePieLife

    Error 503 Galore!

    It's been a 4 days and I'm still getting this error. I know that TJ is busy so I didn't make a thread about this but hmm.. 4 days.. I think it needs to be issued. So here it is! :P @TJ sir please help me when you're free. Thank you! :)
  6. ApplePieLife

    BUY B > BTC $75 + 10% preev

    Paying via Paypal gift.