aquos digital

  1. M

    question about youtube network

    hi, i have a gmail account with 2 youtube channels the premier channel associated with Aquos digital my question , i can apply for partnership the second channel with freedom ? note : premier and second channels have same gmail account my seconde question , Freedom and Aquos digital scam ...
  2. Memestress

    Not paid by Scamlab? Take action NOW!

    So apparently many people who have joined a subnetwork owned by Scalelab have been unable to log in to their dashboard and have had their Youtube channel unlinked from the network, that's ok, but the funny thing is that for whatever reason we have been unlinked, whether it was for botted views...
  3. Rubjay

    Aquos Digital Proof

    i got today in from scale lab / Aquos Digital my money
  4. Rubjay

    is Aqous Digital a scam?

    i have from November 5 USD but i don't get paid is Aqous a scam?
  5. A

    Which Network

    Hi guys, i would like to partner me channel when it got the requirements for get partnered, but, i dont know which network should i choose, im between this 4: Fullscreen BBTV Shark Nation Aquos Digital