1. kaiserdemon

    Boxing Logo

    Hey guys so i'm starting my boxing career pretty soon and i need a logo. I have a small idea on how i want the logo to look i just need someone who's willing and able to make it for me. My camp is gonna be called KingSlayer boxing and my idea is that the logo would be the IBF light heavyweight...
  2. EmpyreanSoul


  3. N

    Yo Yo Honey Singhhhh

    Lol didnt wanna just start with hello xD Hope you guys are having an awesome day. love the content on this site and very unique. Very strict rules on levels of access which is good to keep the spammers out but annoying for noobies like me. anyhoo to get this thread going lets talk about what...
  4. EmpyreanSoul

    SELL GRAPHICS - High Quality logos, for as Low as $1.50

    Major update in process! Thank you for your patience.
  5. vjjokhnr1

    Tell me what do you think about my PS work

    Hey gus, so I like graphics design, but I am just learning and want to become better at it. I would like you to tell me what do you think about my fisrt photo manipulation I did. Hope you like it next time I will use better background...
  6. wdillon425

    BUY $15 for YouTube Icon!

    hey, I'm looking to buy a professional looking YouTube logo for $15. this is my channel, where you can see my current logo: I'd like the new logo to be made in this sort of style: I'd like my logo to be...