1. Konizuzu - Earn Money while surfing!

    Hi I got this kind of site in front of me, where I can make money while surfing the net! How this works? You to to the website You register You install the extension to your web browser You surf the net! You notice that there is ad banners in your browser And that way you earn money...
  2. lawjestaw

    BUY Automation of account creation

    Hello I am looking for someone to write a script or a bot ( sorry if I am using the wrong terminology) that includes account creation as well as implementing 2captcha or anti-captcha API, I will send the rest of the details on private messages. Payment method : Bitcoin,Paypal,Skrill
  3. paulojunior85

    Ptp site that pays in bitcoin with payments proofs

    Many of you have already heard about the famous ptp (paid to post) sites, so nothing better to earn on automatic and gain bitcoin. Register here!! Good earnings with the automatic mode! The minimum to request the payment is 1 satoshi by faucethub, but if you want you can receive in your...


  5. paulojunior85

    Earn euros automatically

    If you wanna earn euros, this is the right site! The minimum to cashout is 5,00 euros and they pay by Paypal! (I don't have the payment proof yet) Register here! You gain points that monthly they convert to you! In the site you will find an icon with others sites that can help you a lot to...
  6. paulojunior85

    Simple and easy way to earn $$$

    Hi, this site will provide you earn simply and easily. Click here to register [/IMG] After doing all the registration, you need to copy your cpv link (cost per view). After that, see below how to win: 1. Make your site registration click here ! 2. Place your cpv link this site with...
  7. Slorunner

    Alexa master payouts

    Here we go :) I am using home hosted VPS (Debian) that is totaly automated :) No Interaction required from now on, it's 100% automated :score: More stuff will be provided on my blog: Reff links :) Non-reff[/SPOILER]