1. alino95

    Fresh Proxy List Scraper [FREE BOT]

    I've just finished working on a new Proxy List Scraper , i would like to share it with you guys! Download link : Download From Here Bot ScreenShot : SCREENSOT Virus Total Report : Show Report The Bot is easy to use, you have just to hit the Scrape Proxies Button and hold 15-20 seconds till...
  2. lawjestaw

    BUY Automation of account creation

    Hello I am looking for someone to write a script or a bot ( sorry if I am using the wrong terminology) that includes account creation as well as implementing 2captcha or anti-captcha API, I will send the rest of the details on private messages. Payment method : Bitcoin,Paypal,Skrill
  3. Nevik

    BOT Free Instagram Bot Generated Over 100$ In Profit In 10 Days

    Hey everyone, its ya boii Nevik here to share to you a powerful and free Instagram Bot that I used to generate over 100$ in profit in a little over a week on a brand new shopify store. The Bot is a chrome Extension called Everliker and will Like up to 700 photos a day for free. You can get it...
  4. WizardOfBots

    Eager to start, 1 year ago...

    Greetings... I am new here, Im not sure if this message is going to be posted. I have more than 35 posts and I still cannot post an Introduction. Have written this before plenty of times, different versions. Yet, cannot enter. Have so many freebies for you guys. Plenty of code in Perl, Bash...
  5. Z

    what does websites automating social media use in backend?

    Hey this question could be very technical to some people but I need a little help I currency use JAVA with Selenium to automate any task in any website(excluding human verification) on the websites that do not make their API available. Some people have asked me to automates certain social...
  6. djbluez

    Hi old but now in here daily

    Hi guys, we are in the era of automation, human can't do those jobs, but byfore a robot can, I'm ere to share my own knowledge and get learned from you guys. I've new fresh update on automation .
  7. shagoo

    Picture Driven Automation

    There is a new technology developed by founders of iOpus iMacros. The project is very fresh and still in beta phase, but hey it is free for personal and business usage till february of 2017, so hurry up, grab your copy while its free. Regular price would be 499$ for full version, jet there is...
  8. S

    Programmer/Ecommerce Person

    Hi new around here, have lots of experience in different technical areas. Hope to learn with everyone a little bit more
  9. M

    Looking for advice of a financial matter

    Good day all: On an effort to prove my non-spamminess and in an honest attempt to gain knowledgeable input, I have created this post. As I am sure I am not the only one with this desire, I would hope out of the interest of development, and for the sake of sharing wisdom, please be honest and...
  10. geekbasic

    Free SCAR scripts for mmo farming.

    I'm not entirely sure if this is the right place to post this, but I will try to follow the format. A few years back, I wrote some scripts to help me level up and earn some profit passively. You may run the scripts with, an old classic rendition of PASCAL for...
  11. smartguy467

    Any browser automation recorder which gives source code as js ?

    Nothing to say :) As the title says ! May i know is there Any browser recorder which gives recorded actions as js ? Google didn't work ! I know js :) but i found a site where i can't bypass form and it's says "Please Enter The Password" and i checked it with...
  12. AnsemWise

    Helpful links [Python]

    Hi Everyone, This thread will simply be a place for me to post helpful links that I've found in relation to Python and it's many libraries. Also, if you have a topic you're interested in, feel free to request it and I'll see if I have anything on it. General Python and additional libraries...
  13. Slorunner

    SELL ♣ SloRunner's TS3, TE, gameplay and linux services ♣

    TS3 Otohits points Linux Gameplays Payment options PayPal as Gift Bitcoin
  14. O

    SELL Programming (Botting, Software, Algorithms, Automation, etc..)

    Hey there, Name's Orel and I am a Java Programmer. I write my code efficiently and adjust easily with new environments and libraries. I can program your next project, I do: Bots, website tasks, anything that requires automation Software, utility tasks, etc Algorithms Your homework ;) I...
  15. B

    USER GIVEAWAY giving away credits to spamclick

    SpamClick is a professional solution to automation. make an account get the app and pm me, ill give you credits one screenshot is all youre getting, any further proof will come from reviews: sexy af