1. wista


    ...i wondering if exists someone who never been banned from one website :) I think most of u guys been banned in your life on internet from various reasons or no reasons... What website u think was unfair with u ? :))
  2. chameleon

    Recreate a youtube channel after ban

    I had a youtube channel that i created sometimes ago partnered with my personal adsense account in witch i uploaded mixed videos(some made by me and others copyrighted)i was banned from youtube but seems that my adsense account is ok(i can login without problem) Now i want to create a new...
  3. wtfaboutnoo

    Massive YT ban

    So I guess everyone is familiar with the massive YT ban that happened today. Some people say this happened to legit YouTubers as well. This thread is so we can exchange information for this ban and so you can tell the reason why you got banned. Anyone with information, please post it here...
  4. Nonneon123

    Websyndic accounts banned

    I dont know why, but i got this on my 2 of my accounts and no, i didnt use a bot nor did i use proxies and etc Thanks for any help. Question answered thanks for the help!
  5. P

    AddMefast + FS ?

    Hi. My question is about AddMeFast and Fullscreen. So if you use Adsense monetization on and AddMeFast you will get banned. What about Likes on AddMeFast ? Would i get banned for using them ? I am using FullScreen now. Did any one try to use AddMeFast Likes ? And if so DID you get banned ?
  6. n0bul4r

    [Question]Youtube cpm with TE

    Hey TBN, Anyone can tell me if there is a cpm to not hit to stay under the radar of Youtube Partner like BBTV or Fullscreen ? To not get ban when using TE? Thanks in advance
  7. wtfaboutnoo

    Have you ever been banned ?

    Hi, guys. I wanted to make a thread and discuss here, if you ever got monetize banned from a network, using TeslaHits or Otohits for YouTube. Using the major networks such as : FullScreen or BBTV, or some other networks. Tell your story :)