1. JoshPosh

    SELL Aged Fullscreen YouTube Channel

    Up for sale is a aged Fullscreen channel. $150 USD, FIRM! I will not entertain low ballers. Send me a PM and I'll issue you the terms. I'm not writing out a full blown ad again for this thread. If you want to read more on the terms click here and here, for full blown marketplace threads...
  2. Faded

    BBTV Payment

    Hi! Did anyone here who is partnered with BBTV and got paid today? I am curious, since my payment is due and I haven't received anything yet, and usually they aren't late :)
  3. dina1992

    SELL bbtv channel

    Hey, Aged BBTV Channel Price: $150 Little negotiable accepted Payment: BTC only (You cover the fee) You are going first if not will accept MM PM for more info :) Thanks
  4. Rangers

    SELL BBTV YouTube Account

    Hey, I'm selling BBTV YouTube Account. Just 1 one which was bought from another member of TBN here ( @OneSpeak ) Got this account for a reason and now I don't need it. So willing to sell it. The account is 8 years old. Price: $125 Payment: BTC only (You cover the fee) No negotiation please...
  5. mmafj

    change niche of yt channel - possible?

    Hello fellows is it possible/safe to change niche (like game to education) after partnership with bbtv? how about other networks?
  6. duclvxxx

    BUY I need to buy BBTV channel, revenue share with the network at 80-90%

    I need to buy BBTV channel but have a revenue share with the network at 80-90%. If you have please PM me. My price is 140-150 $ or more --- Post updated --- Up --- Post updated --- Up...
  7. ViN!

    SELL FRESH Youtube Partnered Channels (BBTV, FS, Freedom, ...)

    Hi there .. This is my Youtube Partnered channels shop. I am selling (BBTV, FS, Freedom,....) channels. How it works After you make the purchase, I will send you the channel over your gmail + The MCN dashboard account. Then you change everything to yours. Available Networks: 1- BBTV...
  8. shareman

    SELL Fullscreen/BBTV/PONGALO Youtube Channels

    hi guys i am selling Fullscreen/BBTV/PONGALO Youtube Channels Vouches Shop: Fullscreen Stock SoldOut PONGALO Stock SoldOut BBTV Stock 0 Prices: (for Price Changes PM me) Fullscreen $38 Pongalo $35 BBTV $0 Accepts: BTC Only Terms: Buy with MM if we wish. I am not responsible for...
  9. Faded


    Hi! :uhuh: I just noticed that literally nobody has any display ads anymore. I don't have an adblocker installed, and I have checked various videos, from Pranking-Channel owners to popular music videos. Is there anything going on, I don't know about? I know that big companies such as AT&T...
  10. skylikemake

    BUY BBTV Referral/Recruiter Account

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for BBTV or VISO Referral/Recruiter Account. If you have one, just PM me --- Post updated --- bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump
  11. OneSpeak

    SELL Fullscreen/BBTV Youtube Channels

    Hello... I'm selling Fullscreen/BBTV Partnered Youtube Channels. well, How it goes? my channels are sub-channel, so i will just transfer them to your gmail after you buy, then i will give you the Fullscreen/BBTV account info to change them. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...
  12. D

    Hey Guys, Did you guys got Report from BBTV.?

    Hey guys i need some help. Did you guys got bbtv Report for January Payment.? Please let me know. PS - Am New here. :) --- Post updated --- Hey Guys anyone can help me please ?
  13. Faded

    BUY [BUY] BBTV Partnered YouTube Account

    Hi! I am looking to buy at least 1 BBTV Partnered YouTube Account. BUYING FULLSCREEN ACCOUNTS TOO!! I can pay using either PayPal (Gift / Family & Friends) or Crypto. PM me using this link: click_me Won't go first except if someone has more rep than me. Do NOT post your offer here, PM me the offer.
  14. AGIDA

    BUY I need SocialBlade (BBTV) partnered channels

    Hello, I need SocialBlade (BBTV) partnered youtube channels, also im searching someone who can create for me socialblade channels, i need 2 - 3. You need 10k views in 30 days, should be possible. PM me with your offer. --- Post updated --- push push push push push push push push push
  15. Faded


    Hi! I am buying an iFree Partnered Channel. I can pay you using PayPal Gift or BTC, whatever you prefer. We can discuss the price. Need this ASAP! Anyone who can get me a channel, I will pay him 10% of the price of the channel as commission!!! PM ME NOW
  16. nickblak

    BUY Buying Bbtv

    Hello, buying bbtv channel for 30$, Write bellow if you want to sell. Gl everyone ;) --- Post updated --- BUMP, need bbtv channel for 30$ , please. guys --- Post updated --- Buying BBTV!!! fast as possible, i need that one)
  17. GamesWorld

    OMG CRAZY CPM ON YOUTUBE THIS MONTH FOR ME! (bbtv terminated channel)

    hey guys how are you? i check today my analytics on many channel i have, i see first my fullscreen account and have 29+$ CPM on play video ads and 17+$ CPM, but i see this on my bbtv terminated channel!! i make 14+ Euros simple with 32 monetizable views! ahah LOOK THAT, 2200$ + AND 1100+$...
  18. skylikemake

    BUY Buying BBTV/FS/VSP/Yoola accounts

    I'm looking for BBTV/FS/VSP/Yoola accounts. If you have one just PM me Pay via Paypal --- Post updated --- I just bought 2 FS and 1 BBTV account. If you have one, just PM me your price
  19. K

    [BBTV] Is this some kind of joke?

    Well so i got my revenue report from BBTV, and just guess how much they will pay me by the next month? Meanwhile on BBTV dashboard. Meanwhile on youtube dashboard. I'm confused as hell.
  20. skylikemake

    BUY I want to buy BBTV_SocialBlade partnered channel!

    Hey, I'm looking for BBTV_SocialBlade partnered channel! Payment method: Paypal I need 3 partnered channel, so if you have one or more PM me. I will Also buy BBTV accounts --- Post updated --- bump bump bump bump bump bump bump