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  1. brian0070071

    Welcome to Blessed Bucks Gpt

    Blessed Bucks Gpt is a christian based site that offers cash blessings through completing offers, surveys, and contests for cash. Along with chat room scripture quotes and prayer for all who ask. You can cashout at $25 after two manual cashouts members will then be eligible for instant payouts...
  2. E

    Indian members ! Best earning site for you!

    Hello , I want to open this thread especially for Indian users who look to earn their first $$$. I have a wonderful( I think the best ) option for you. Apparently you think that people from India cannot earn much on GPT sites, but on this one you are from the list of those special countries...
  3. E

    Earn your first 1$ in 30 minutes - BEST REAL METHOD HERE! - MUST READ FOR NEWBIES!

    Hello dear TBN members and especially NEWBIES who still didnt make any $cash$ online and are bored of millions of "Golden lining - c**p filling" methods here, which are causing loss of time and motivation and letting hundreds of new members to leave this forum. I am really upset because I didnt...
  4. SearchAndWin

    ***Brand New GPT*** Clover GPT

    CloverGPT CloverGPT just launched on September 2nd and many of the big names in the GPT community are already active. Currently they're offering PayPal and Serve as payment methods and more ways to cashout will be added soon. You can check out the site below, it should be a good one...
  5. SearchAndWin

    $2,644 Earned From A GPT Site!!!

    HighestPayGPT has been one of the best GPT sites for a few years now. I've earned $2,644.00 and countless Amazon Gift Cards from here. It's as legit as it gets. You can check out the site below. REF - NON -