1. aragbayeccs

    My Birthday & [INFO] Amazon Prime STUDENT /// Help me Guys

    Hey guys today March 07 is my Bithday and i feel very happy. :grin: I wanna get some info about Amazon Prime STUDENT (USA), all possible info. I was joined with empty vcc and after a month my membership was cancelled because no money on vcc, and dont be able get 6 months, and wanna know if...
  2. princeharoon

    Happy Birthday Ptv2

    Hi Ptv2, WISH YOU A MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY Happy Birthday Regards, PrinceHaroon
  3. scw

    Happy Birthday 2 me

    Hello. It's my birthday. Regularly I wouldn't post personal stuff on a forum, but since I decided to post my real life picture I taught I should post this too. So yeah, 21 of August, 16 yo old now, time flies 2 fast, I want to take advantage of this post and say this: Hi, I'm scw, how are...
  4. NgelawakGan

    Today is My Birthday

    Now im fourteen years old and im so happy :frog::frog::frog: Ok its enough, i hope i can become better then before, and i hope i can buy PS4 and gaming laptop:thumbs:
  5. quantumland

    Today My Birthday :)

    06.12.1993 Today my birthday :) I wanted to share here. at TheBotNet. i love TBN ;)
  6. CoderChris

    TECH TALK Happy Birthday!

    Microsoft Windows turns 30 today. A moment of silence for all the good and bad times we've had playing Solitaire, Pinball, messing with Paint, removing viruses, and making moniez. :datass: Happy Birthday Windows! Here's the time line of releases. Windows 1.0 (1985) Windows 2.0 (1987) Windows...