bitcoin faucet

  1. Denix19

    Earn bitcoin satoshi nonstop at

    Bitcoin Faucet - The combination of the following features allows users to claim satoshi nonstop Claim between 8 and 12 statoshi every 3 minutes. Claim from our faucet rotator 21 working faucets included faucets do not need registration weekly check of the working status of...
  2. Hyuga

    SELL ClaimBits - New Bitcoin Faucet Script!

    ClaimBits is a new type of Bitcoin Faucet which brings plenty of different features togheter into a complete system. This system was designed to be attractive and easy to use. Some of main features of this system are listed bellow, but to see this system working, I invite you to check the demo...
  3. A

    Bitcoin Faucets And Miners Links

    Bitcoin Faucets And Online Miners List
  4. t1n0pr

    Free Satoshi Game

    Hi friends, i'm not an expert on making lot of bitcoins, but today i will share with you how to make 300 to 600 daily satoshis. Free Bitcoin Spinner is an old game, maybe you heard there of him. They pay via coinbase, and you can claim your satoshis every 3 days. I hope you guys use my referral...
  5. lvlr007

    robot-coin | similar to eobot | cloud mining + faucet

    i Am not owner Robot - Coin Similar To Eobot Cloud mining and Bitcoin mining made easy Robot-coin is the easiest, cheapest, and best way to get or mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, GameCredits, Dogecoin, Ripple, Dash, Peercoin, Omni, CureCoin, Vertcoin, Monero, Zcash, PrimeCoin...
  6. Joval

    Faucets that are worth your time!

    Compiled a list of faucets that are interesting (unique) yet fun to use. 1. moonbitcoin Earnings will accumulate slowly over a period of time. There are a couple of reward schemes/bonuses you can take advantage of to boost your earnings. For example, the daily bonus will increase by 1% by each...
  7. lvlr007

    Bitpower | Collect up to 18k Satoshi Every Hour

    i am not owner Bitpower smililar to Claimwithme Join and gain your first 150 Satoshi you can claim every five minutes or even after a hour Range of 150 to 1,528 Satoshi every five minutes The mininum withdrawal amount is 0.0003 BTC I Don't Have Payment Proof Yet BITPOWER Non Ref
  8. lvlr007

    RushBitcoin | View/Watch & Earn | Payment Proof

    i am not owner << RushBitcoin You have a lot of chances to earn Visit websites and earn, simple as that Do you have a YouTube account? Earn while giving likes & dislikes, while watching interesting videos and by subscribing to YouTube channels, Please make sure your browser allows pop-ups Make...
  9. lvlr007

    6 Faucets | Earn upto 10k Satoshi / Day

    Captcha Solving Faucets Earn Upto 10k Satoshi Daily Seek Inn NonRef Each captcha claim - 6 Satoshis No Time Limit - Instant Withdraw - 20% Referral __________________________________________________ Golden Faucet NonRef Each captcha claim - 7 Satoshis No Time Limit - Instant Withdraw - 20%...
  10. lvlr007

    20hk Faucet | 10/20 Satoshis On Each Claim

    I am not owner << 20hk Faucet You can Earn any time without any time limit We use an easy captcha for our users to claim more We Pay through There is no minimum limit to withdraw and payouts are instant. Referral system on this faucet where you can earn 10% referral commission for...
  11. coininpjs

    Win 0.001 BTC UNLIMITED Times (Game)

    You can play the "bitcoin grid game" at and you can win the 0.001 bitcoin prize unlimited times! It is very easy to play the game: Step 1: Click on the "grid image" to be sent to solve a captcha. Step 2: It will then send you to a sponsor page with a 20...
  12. lvlr007

    Earn unlimited Frre staoshis | Captcha Solving

    i am not owner << Seek-inn They are offering most simplest captcha solving on this faucet, As compared to other faucets Tere is no time limit and even no wait to appear new captcha, Simply click on Refresh option inside captcha and next captcha comes, You earn for each successful captcha...
  13. lvlr007

    Earn Bitcoins By Solving Captchas

    Easy way to earn bitcoins online Simply Earn by Solving Captchas >> BitCaptcher - NonRef >> Claimers - NonRef >> 2Captcha - NonRef >> infiniteSatoshis - NonRef >> WallRewards - NonRef >> At-Spot - NonRef i Dont Hve Payment Proof Yet >> CoinLand -...
  14. lvlr007

    Wallrewards | Claim Free bitcoin | Captcha Solving

    i am not owner << Wall Rewards 1 Captcha = 17 Satoshi ( at time ) Just complete captcha and earn Satoshi bitcoins Withdrawing works by FaucetHub NO MINIMUM WITHDRAW Wall Rewards N o n - R e f
  15. lvlr007

    infinitesatoshis | Claim Captchas Every 0 Minute

    Infinite Satoshis Faucet Claim captchas every 0 minutes For Bitcoins Satoshi Earn up to 20% commission for every invited person valid claim Min Payout : 1 Satoshi Infinite Satoshis Faucet Non-ref
  16. lvlr007

    Just-Bit - Earn 120 Satoshi per minute

    i m not owner Just-Bit Just-Bit is a game that can help you earn free Bitcoins. How Just-Bit pays to it's users? We earn from ads placed in our site, so we are able to pay our users earnings (Right now we are trying to find a suitable company) What does capacity, rate, lifetime means...
  17. L

    My New Bitcoin Faucet - Claim every 15 minutes

    Hey guys I created a new bitcoin faucet which allows you to claim up to 100 satoshi every 15 minutes. Come check it out, feedback is much appreciated. coincrazy X comli X com (replace X with .)
  18. lvlr007 - New Bitcoin Game

    SmurfGo Run and Collect Coins Exchange coins into satoshi 100 Satoshi Minimum Withdraw FaucetHub & ePay How to play? Collect 100 Points during the walk in the forest. You will be moved to the next level. You can sell your Points to 'PaPa' anytime. Game Info Join the Smurf...
  19. lvlr007

    Faucet Planet - Snake Game Bitcoin Faucet

    i m not owner Faucet Planet Next Gen Bitcoin Faucet BTC IN A NUTSHELL Robust, flexible, secure and easy to use. Contains News system Contains Gaming system Contains Contact form Login/Register based website. ReCaptcha and SolveMedia captcha to slay bots Secure anti-bot system. Bans bots and...
  20. coininpjs

    Bitcoin Grid Game [Win 100,000 Satoshi] 50% Referral Bonus! has a new bitcoin game that has a huge prize of 100,000 satoshi! Bitcoin Grid Game This is a simple game that can let you win huge 100,000 satoshi prizes AND earn huge 50,000 satoshi referral commissions! How to play: Step 1: Go to and click the...