1. Kim Tae Hee

    BUY Your BitGold to my BitCoin [60%]

    I will buy your BitGold in exchange to my BitCoin. Rate: 60% BitGold value Post here or PM me
  2. Faded


    Hi! I am buying Bitgold at an exchange rate of 55%. I can buy using PayPal & BTC. PM me if you want to sell me your Bitgold Gold using this link, which sents me a PM. CLICK_ME I am looking forward to do business with you, if you can supply every day big sums, let me know. I am NOT accepting Gold...
  3. Altair

    BUY Buying Bitgold

    Im buying golds on your Bitgold account. I will pay via only BTC(pm me for paypal) Add me on skype: omerfarukcaki or pm me. I don't trade with untrusted members.

    SELL Bitgold (Negotiable)

    Sold to vans1997 Thanks. :)
  5. jaceefrost

    SELL 0.37 g Bitgold

    Hey guys, is tere anyone in here who buys bitgold? I' havig troubles with my bank accout so I cannot linked it to my bitgold because the require bank statement whic is not issued on my card so now I'm just gonna sell it. Golds came from bought with BTC and other users and referral also...
  6. M

    Benefit from the 10% & 5% Instant Bonus of BitGold

    Until now i can't believe that I have already earned more than Php 115,000 ($ 2,500+) in using BitGolds services and promotional bonuses. If you wan't to know how its done please follow instuctions: 1. Join Bitgold --> Choose any link below...
  7. toxicFTW

    USER GIVEAWAY BitGold 0.144g ($5) Gold Giveaway

    I just logged into my BitGold account and found some leftover gold, that I'm willing to give away. The price will be 0.144g (worth $5 currently), I know it's a tiny amount, but I probably won't use it anymore, so there you go. To enter: Post anything below, I'll select the winner by post...
  8. Altair

    SELL Bitgold Golds

    Im buying your golds more than 0.2 gau, If you have pm me or comment below. - I will pay via Paypal or BTC - Rate 50% @Cory @HeavenKatana Can any staff edit thread title to BUY pls?
  9. oneinamillion

    Its Legit! Bitgold Has Paid! (USA)

    Alright guys,I finally was able to get these sweet earnings I manage to get when Bitgold first opened and for the life of couldn't get them out due to the fact that bitgold blocked withdrawals for sometime,BUT today 11/21/2015, I was sent a small portion of my earnings of $126.97 into my Bank...
  10. xtccoorey

    earn 0.25g of gold for signing up. bitgold is offering 0.25g of gold to sign up! You're welcome! :frog::frog::frog::frog:
  11. egoldman15

    BUY Buying All Your BitGold

    If you have any BitGold that is confirmed in your wallet I want to buy it! I am buying 0.025g Gold for 50% PayPal and 35% BitCoin.