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  3. Turkuaz

    Can i upload php script into blogger?

    I want to ask you.I have a php script.I want to upload this script into blogger.Is it possible?
  4. Ussagui


    Hey guys, i want to try autoblogging, but got a lot of doubts: Adsense: Can i copy/past post? (giving source?) if no: how can i copy content without having that problem? What tools should i use? Can it be with blogger or WP? can be WP free version? without adsese: What ads should i use? Can i...
  5. Z

    Hi all

    This is my first session here in I am here to get some new ideas from my friends.
  6. Ussagui

    blogger + adsense + SEO

    Hi guys, can some one help me with that? i mean whats the best way? what should i do/use? how to improve SEO? How to be on google top search? How to find a niche / study the "words" market? what software / sites should i use? how to ...? --> already have adsense <-- any good tips? Thanks...
  7. jacknet

    Need a help: Website Problem!

    Hello everyone here and merry Christmas, I have a website in blogger platform that ranked in 3 million in Alexa and i have change the domain name i have upgrade it from .tk to .xyz but after that i lost my rank from 3 million to 12 million! so can someone tell me how i can restore my rank if i...
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    Say Hello to TBN members

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  10. K

    Can we create a landing page website with blogger or wordpress ?

    Hello,my aunt just ask me to create for her a website just to introduce her husband company.Because i think it's just simple landing page.Because i don't want to cover the hosting fee,i already have the domain.So which one is better in my case,blogger or Wordpress. Can i use wordpress with free...
  11. bds1605

    [ASK] Need Best CPM for Blog

    Need CPM with high rate for my blog, Who knows ?
  12. L

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  13. Nonneon123

    How can I earn money with blogger?

    So I want to use fake traffic and earn money but I think adsense bans you if you do so what else can i do? thanks for any help! :)
  14. LightningXD

    How to bank with WordPress/Blogger + CInstaller.

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  15. nilkam

    Need Blogger Help

    im created new blog, it not completed any one tell me how to add keyword my every new page and post my blog Link -
  16. karansudhi

    Created Funny Videos Blog W8ing for adsense

    Any type of suggestion and help how much time it will take to approve adsense its new and hosted account
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  18. J

    POPADS - POPCASH - How To Get Accepted As Publisher

    What is needed to be accepted in popads and popcash as publisher? Do they accept Blogger, free domains, or it has to be .com .net .org ?
  19. sirjj

    How do I get traffic/money for my Blogger

    What is the best way to get LEGIT views, money, and a good CPM from my blogger blog? Is blogger the best for it or would BlogSpot be better.