1. Yidir

    BUY Audible Account

    Buying audible account, idc if its trial. one month is fine Paying $1 Bitcoin. { too broke to be negotiable } May be a long-term buyer --- Post updated --- bump --- Post updated --- up, might pay more --- Post updated --- BUMP BUMP I still need this shit!!
  2. A

    13 TB of Gdrive collection you may need

    The one who are members, did you actually post 100 times here then you became a member? Site won't let me post link :/ I have been a member well not a member but a user of this community for quite a while. This community gave me so many important things and I learned a lot but I also wanted to...
  3. rocco008

    Comptia A+ Learning Materials/Exam Simulators

    Hi guys, Taking part of CompTIA A+ exams this week and was wondering if you had that book from Exam Cram or some other simulation software/materials i could make use off. Any help will be much appreciated
  4. randomport90

    Do You read books or newspapers?

    Like in title do You like books or newspaper ? If Yes what kind or what titles?
  5. alexhardyuk

    Free Booksü
  6. DulanShady

    The object-oriented thought process 4th edition ebook

    hey guys, please help me to find this e-book. I've search on so many websites, but I couldn't find it. book is "The object-oriented thought process 4th edition" by Matt A. Weisfeld. :(:(:(
  7. ViperKrypto

    For all you bookworms! (:

    A while back I discovered a site for used books and textbooks called ThriftBooks. This site is really awesome because most of the books, especially popular ones, are under $4 a book (this includes both paperback and hardcover) and if you spend $10+ there is FREE SHIPPING! There are college...