1. L

    Make money by Adfly traffic bot

    hi everybody, without getting long in this article i will chow you guys how to make money from adfly by traffic bot . lest's start : fist u need to sing up on afdly HERE download trafficbot HERE also proxy list HERE we will need it unzip the folder open TrafficBot Full Edition setting up...
  2. rastof Free Roll with Captcha Support

    This bot will automatically perform the free roll action. Prerequisites Python 3 Python Package Installer (PIP) Download Code Before running any of the scripts you must create an .env file. Place the following...
  3. rastof

    Proxy Scraper

    Simple proxy scraper for various free sources. More sites will be added later. Websites being scrape include:
  4. Ernis45

    Trading [NOT SAFE, DO NOT SUGGEST TO INVEST, PLEASE CLOSE THREAD] Autopilot passive earning journey with AI Trading Bot + GMC DeFi

    GokuMarket offers wide range of opportunities for passive earning: Staking Trading bots Vault (similar to staking) And most intresting - Prelaunch Offers! Today I'm focusing on : AI Trading Bots + GMC DeFi AI Bot + DeFi is a combo of two products. One product is bot trading, which offers...
  5. anhautobot

    Automated BOT creation

    Anyone who needs to automate something on the WEB, tell me I will help you if I can afford it. PM ME. THANK YOU.
  6. rastof

    Spotify Account Maker

    Source Prerequisites Python 3 Python Package Installer (PIP) Requests Installation 1. Download and install...
  7. oddanim

    BOT Instagram delete sent follow requests [SCRIPT/DELETE/SENT PENDING REQUESTS]

    Hello, I am sharing with you an iMacros Script for deleting sent pending requests on instagram (because IG blocks you when you reach 2600 sent pending follow requests). So : 1/ You'll need to download iMacros on Firefox (I don't know if it works for chrome) 2/ Go to current follow requests...
  8. alino95

    Fresh Proxy List Scraper [FREE BOT]

    I've just finished working on a new Proxy List Scraper , i would like to share it with you guys! Download link : Download From Here Bot ScreenShot : SCREENSOT Virus Total Report : Show Report The Bot is easy to use, you have just to hit the Scrape Proxies Button and hold 15-20 seconds till...
  9. pankajjangir

    [Hiring] Looking for BOT or Script Maker

    Hello, I need a BOT for my website (firefox or chrome based) or it could be iMacro script. Basically I need it for the exams. Functions I need: Open 2 websites in 2 different tabs Copy the question, click on tab 2, search the question and click on the link Copy answer, and come back to tab 1...
  10. O

    Where can I Sell Bots that I created?

    I'm looking for a marketplace for bots that i created and want to sell, any help? thanks.
  11. kash2k6

    Need a views bot for ceflix dot org

    i need someone who can increase views on a video on ceflix website URGENT like in the next hour
  12. lawjestaw

    BUY Automation of account creation

    Hello I am looking for someone to write a script or a bot ( sorry if I am using the wrong terminology) that includes account creation as well as implementing 2captcha or anti-captcha API, I will send the rest of the details on private messages. Payment method : Bitcoin,Paypal,Skrill
  13. O

    somebody created bot to reddit?

    Hi, I created simple upvote bot for Reddit but is not counting upvotes. any method that works? thanks.
  14. gefest

    SELL Twitchfollows accs with points -- 50%

    Hi i have 30 Twitchfollows acc's with 20-25k (20-25$) points on each . I can't withdraw money becouse they change their TOS . You must have verified paypal acc to withdraw money . Also only 1 Twitchfollows acc can be attached to 1 paypal . Price is 50% from total points ammount. Also want...
  15. choosen

    Push notification bot

    Need a bot or micro that can use proxies and subscribe to push notifications $$
  16. impshum

    BOT Likestool

    Description A simple python script to gain points on Watches youtube and dailymotion videos (tries not to). Requirements Likestool account: link Python 3 VirusTotal 0/70...
  17. aragbayeccs

    Which is best site captcha solving service to solve ReCaptcha v2 using BOT?

    Hi guys, i will integrate an API using this possible sites. Please help me, because don't know best option which must i choose: 2Captcha Anti-Captcha DeathByCaptcha ImageTyperz ruCaptcha Solve-reCaptcha CaptchaDecoder , and let me know, why had u selected that site? Thanks :top:
  18. ravindusha

    Telegram BTC faucet 30 seconds No captcha

    Edit: :scam::scam::scam:
  19. buzz4rd

    How to Share/Update GEO Location using GeckoFX 45?

    Hi, I'm using GeckoFX 45. I need to Share/Update GEO Location. I got few ways But It does not work. How can I do it?
  20. M

    Get Free Ethereum From Telegram bot For Free !!

    Hello Guys ! Personally, I'm a fan of Telegram because this app has features, especially the Bots feature !! I have always been interested in the functions that this feature can offer and by chance I found a bot that offers ethereum for free and you can invest in it too At the moment I wrote...