1. K

    I'm a professional Coder

    HELLO, i am a new TBN Member Let me introduce my self : I am a professional coder , i am making softwares , bots , automating anything with your browser like Hard repetitive tasks and a lot more things My GOALS : To be a Very Useful TBN Member , Helping other TBN members who having...
  2. rastof

    Make TBN Great Again...

    Since TBN is lacking quality content I've decided to make this thread. Hopefully sparking some enthusiasm to get TBN going again. I plan to release a lot in the coming months. I am currently working on a text based captcha solver (no recaptcha), automating android apps and websites. I will use...
  3. J

    Hello! My brief botting story

    Hey everyone! I guess this is my formal introduction! The name's Jaw0608. I've been viewing TBN for years, and occasionally posting replies. I've always been fascinated by the bots here and actually made 72k from one of them. So yeah, I love TBN. And to be honest, this site was what inspired...
  4. B

    SELL BlazeVPS - Cheap & Reliable USA Linux / Windows VPS

    Location: USA Operating Systems: Linux / Windows Server 2012 R2 TERMS OF USE: Prohibited On Servers IRC IRC Bots VPN TeamSpeak TOR Torrent SPAM Game Server Adult Content. Traffic: No traffic cost. When traffic is out, vps speed reduces to 30 Mbps. Delivery: We will start working on your...
  5. M

    Telegram Bot Give U ETH for free with Pament Proof !!

    Hello Guys ! Personally, I'm a fan of Telegram because this app has features, especially the Bots feature !! I have always been interested in the functions that this feature can offer and by chance I found a bot that offers ethereum for free and you can invest in it too At the moment I wrote...
  6. K

    Hello | Please look inside :)

    Hi guys, I registered to this site 1 year ago i think. My name is Bahadır, i live in Turkey. I am 17 years old. I started to programming 4 years ago. I am making bots using c# language ussualy. I know php c# javascript. if you would give me member tag I will post my bots here with you for free...
  7. MA19112001

    Cheap VPS for TE / Bots / Jingling || Windows | Linux ||

    @staff @CEED @Mirae delete this pls
  8. quaisbsharat

    Bot Creator (Free Bots) For Creative Idea!

    Hello, How are you all! The Main Idea Is : Anyone have a creative method or any good way to earn with bots, it's my job I can create any bot for any purpose bots can controlling a browser, Controlling a desktop manage any another application any bot you want! Mmmm, So the bot for free? :cmon...
  9. lV3NOMl

    What type of bots you have currently?

  10. PhoenixLord

    How to used Bots to make money

    Can someone teach me or show me how to use bots to make money? Really appreciate
  11. flix

    Answered BTC,LTC,ETH,ZEC,XMR - Bots for mining/pooling

    In the last 2 years i work hard to make multibots for mining and pools, in the last 1 year and 4 months i start to use them for testing and i was surprised by results :) Time to make 1 BTC,LTC,ETH,ZEC,XMR : BTC - at lest 7 months with multi mines and pools [TESTED] LTC - around 5-6 months...
  12. T

    Hello everyone

    Thanks for accepting me I hope to know all the tricks and methods for youtube I am interested enough this platform .... for now I hope to upload a little more range to be able to comment and enter the business area ...
  13. J

    My introduction

    I'm 33 years of age living in the beautiful Country of South Africa , in my free time i'm a gamer who enjoys playing with my friends, botting etc. I'm a qualified software developer. And look forward to hearing from you guys.
  14. K

    File hosting services

    Hello, i was wondering ho much per month a file hosting service site Makes per month Sites like, mediafire, mega, etc... Also, how hard would it be to manage one?
  15. tungaqhd

    Cheap Window VPS from 2.99$

    Hello,i found this company provide cheap vps window with cheap price: VDS/VPS «Micro» [NL] (1 СPU/1 GB RAM/20 GB SSD) 2.99 USD per month ------------ VDS/VPS «Platinum» [NL] (2 СPU/2 GB RAM/30 GB SSD) 5.99 USD per month ------------ Order VPS - VDS/VPS «Strong» [NL] (3 СPU/3 GB RAM/40 GB SSD)...
  16. MCtiaguinho

    SELL AGC's 85% BTC or 90% PayPal

    Hi, i currently have 40$ worth of BTC's (from rogue labs bots), im selling for 85% BTC or 90% paypal (as gift). I won't go first unless you've got a really really good rep. If yoy want we can get a middleman. Thank you all ! --- Post updated --- Not BTC's but AGC's sorry im dumb... Bump
  17. G

    Need a Youtube View Bot - I PAY for this.

    Hello Everyone.. Just wondering if someone selling or if i can bought any youtube views for really cheap of cost. Im not a 'Member' yet, so i can't see topics of selling things because i dunno have any permissions. If someone selling a youtube view bot, please reply or contact me via pm. I can...
  18. C

    Hello Guys!

    I'm ChorusInc, and I'm here to research more about the famous bots. I found the code very interesting, and I have some questions. Thanks for the opportunity.
  19. btcbounty

    Can Anyone Guide me How to Signup Rogue Club

    I signed up and purchased 1 month package with bitcoin I transferred funds but my RR Credit is not showing. I tried to load RR credits I lost 16$ but RR credits not getting. I want to access bot plz guide me. If I buy subscriber package can I login to Bots of Rogue Club? I will...
  20. ossy123

    Selling Very Cheap: Legit Licence Ubot Studio And Zennoposter

    I have ubot studio standard version original account and license. I also have zennoposter standard version original license. I bought the software's for a project and do not have need for them anymore. They are both the best bot creation software's for seo and other projects. See the sales page...