buy btc

  1. Civa

    Do not pay high BTC exchange fees anymore - Binance vs others

    Hey guys, I have been trading BTC for a long time, since late 2012. During that time, I ve seen it all in the world of Bitcoin trading, the famous fall of Mt.Gox., Cryptsy hack which turned into charade, issues with Poloniex withdrawals being late for some users and a lot of smaller exchanges...
  2. shagoo

    [BETA 5% more] Get BTC using your debit card (Visa or MasterCard)

    >>> Join here >>> Im using CRYPTOPAY services for about 2 years now. I firstly started using it to get their debit card, and soon realised that I can buy BTC directly from that debit virtual or phisical card. But now they have announced and started BETA...
  3. promo25

    Best site with low fees to buy/sell bitcoin?

    I'm asking for a friend, I already have a decent amount of bitcoins from anonymous ads and some exchanges I made on skype groups. Please post the website you regularly use, there are a lot of sites on internet and no easy way to see if they're ripping you off with the fees or minimum quantity...
  4. MabeImrox

    BUY Bitcoin with PayPal as Gift/F&F

    Stock: 120$ PP Want: BTC Skype: MabeImrox I will pay preev+10% My TWC was for this thread: Reason: "Suspicion of hacked cards" I never scam nobody in this forum, so you can go first, or we can use a MiddleMan :)
  5. samesame

    BUY 20$ btc 4 paypal

    hey there, i need around 20$ btc +10 preev would be okay for me pay via paypal hit me up
  6. nickalls

    BUY 7$ BTC for paypal

    I want to buy 7$ BTC i will pay paypal, sent me your offer
  7. quantumland

    BUY 180 $ BTC

  8. CEED

    SELL BTC > Paypal Gift @ Preev

    Trade rates $25< : +15% Preev (Stock: 0.0 BTC) $30> : +10% Preev (Stock: 0.0 BTC) Trade Rule: 1. You should have one TAG such as Admin, VIP, Supermod, Guide, Coder, Veteran, Senior, Cold School, Old School,Subscriber, Plush Club, Rogue Club or joined TBN more than 6 months. 2. You should go...
  9. DrJ

    Now you can buy BTC with your paypal

    Hi. I received one email from this company a couple of week ago and haven't noticed people talking about it here in tbn. So, this site is known for a lot of people but they just introduced a feature to buy BTC paying with paypal. As of now it is working for users in 37 countries like...
  10. Elliiott

    BUY BTC Preev +10% for PayPal

    Needing: 0$ (Preev + 10%) Percentage is not-negotiable. Only pay with PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards code I do not have the option to send as a gift After the purchase should return feedback. I've built up 100% market place reputation, I may or may not be willing to go first.
  11. Manul22

    BUY $10 worth of BTC

    Anyone around here selling small amounts of BTC? I need $10 worth of BTC for now. I think I'll buy more next days. I can pay via paypal as gift. I'll go first preev 15%
  12. ohboy

    want to buy btc

    hi I want to buy btc if u know a legit website to buy with credit card plz let me know thanks
  13. vxpxtxcx

    BUY Buying BTC @+10% Preev Rate

    In need of $6 BTC Payment via: Paypal
  14. juanjoreynosa

    Need to buy BTC

    Hello guys I want to buy something but the only payment accepted is Btc so I need to buy 0.011Btc=$2,63 in Btc Anybody know where can I buy btc using paypal? I know here in TBN there are people who sell btc, but they just sell trough paypal to trusted members, I almost have a year in TBN but I...