buying btc

  1. Elmar2001

    How can I buy BTC?

    The problem is my PayPal doesn't have send money to family/friends option and doesn't support receiving money.Only buy for goods/services. How can I some BTC?
  2. Frank67

    BUY Paypal Gift for BTC (Preev+[7-10%])

    Ok, I have some base rules now. The rates depending on your rating: <50 = I'm not trading with you 51-100 = Preev + 7% 101-200 = Preev + 8% 201-300 = Preev + 9% >300 = Preev + 10% This applies to seller ratings only not a single negative rep Proof That I'm Trustable: From March 29th 2016 -...
  3. iNeedNX

    Buying BTC and T$

    Hello, I am buying BTC and T$ via PayPal. Please message me. Thanks.
  4. shahjamal

    BUY Buying Btc For Paypal

    I want to Buy a small amount of BTC. But it's urgent. PM me... Very Urgent... PS: If you have vouch I will go first otherwise You go first... :)