1. samesame

    Free Google captcha solver

    There is a new CaptchaSolver addon for chrome and firefox named "Buster" it soves the captchas with a voice recognition api from google/microsoft it realy works so check it out,..
  2. aragbayeccs

    Which is best site captcha solving service to solve ReCaptcha v2 using BOT?

    Hi guys, i will integrate an API using this possible sites. Please help me, because don't know best option which must i choose: 2Captcha Anti-Captcha DeathByCaptcha ImageTyperz ruCaptcha Solve-reCaptcha CaptchaDecoder , and let me know, why had u selected that site? Thanks :top:
  3. sociohacker official thread

    Hi! I've registered here to represent — a service for solving captchas, that most of you probably already know about. Since we've received many clients from this forum we decided to make a feedback to community. So, if you have any questions or suggestions - please write it here...
  4. Talented

    BUY Captcha resolving or bypassing

    Hello all, I want a cheap captcher resolving service or captcha bypassing service. Looking at resolving more than two thousand captchers everyday. You can recommend a good one if you know. I knows about the popular deathbycaptcha and anti-captcha. But I need from an in-house. Have $$$ as budget...
  5. Talented

    Are Captcha Services done by real human?

    Men, i just discovered today that all Captcha resolving company uses an advanced AI to bypass google Security. They fake it that they have workers who sit before computers, accepts codes for you and input the images/symbols rightly and send back to you as a user. Then which human being resolves...
  6. quaisbsharat

    How can i earn with Unlimited Captcha Credit

    Hello, I can get unlimited captcha credit, but I don't know how can I earn with that! Any help?
  7. I

    Imagetyperz 10% affiliate for all developers

    First of all, we have affiliate commission for developers who will integrate with us their public or private software, this software will be hidden and won't be shown. So if are you a developer and using captchas, you can claim your affiliates via using our service. There is our Affiliate page...
  8. I

    Imagetyperz Gift codes giveaway to test new method!

    Hi guys, ImageTypers Have new method recaptcha solution with tokens only for 2.5$!! We are ready to give gift codes everyone to test it. Thanks VIP members will get $5 gift codes. members with 100+ posts 2$ gift codes. newbies 1$ gift codes. (so we are happy to get these promotions every...
  9. E

    REVIEW MY SITE Bitcaptcher

    I'm not able to post links yet, but you can see it in the thread name, and add the domain extension . bitcaptcher com No ref system now, took some days to build, nothing special. There could be bugs, but i'd like a feedback on the basic work of the system. Should I take time to do the...
  10. appface

    SELL Selling 9kw account for 5$ btc

    Im Selling 9kw captcha slover account for 5$ btc Condition Accept:MM, Trusted Member and good trading history
  11. zphanjakidze

    USER GIVEAWAY 2captcha $2 gift codes giveaway!

    Hi guys, I'm the Phanjakidze Zaal from 2captcha marketing team, we decided giving away promo codes again. Our goal is a provide the best service for all our customers at all countries, we have lower rates, few types of API and all these API's have different rates. Rules: 1. one code per...
  12. zphanjakidze

    2captcha API examples

    Hi guys, We are from 2captcha team, we want to add at our website library as much API examples as possible, so we are looking it at each popular programming languages, there is the API what need to be prepare: 2captcha*com/newapi-recaptcha-en also there is instruction...
  13. A

    Anti Captcha service intro

    Hi everybody, I represent Captcha Solving service Anti-Captcha My purpose of registering here is to attract new clients to our service and our new feature - Google Recaptcha solvings. My firsts deal is following: I send 1 USD for captcha solving trials on your account and you send me your...
  14. zphanjakidze

    SELL 2captcha Ultimate captcha solving service!

    The best captcha solving service out there! 2captcha provides you quality captcha solving service at unbeatable prices. We utilize our trained work force to solve ALL types of captchas that exist and are the trailblazers when it comes to implementing new technologies when it comes to solving...
  15. zphanjakidze

    Audio recaptcha v2 + audio solvemedia at

    Hello dear webmasters, UPD 05/05/2016 audiocaptcha solving We’ve added recognition capabilities for audio version of recaptcha v2, see details at the bottom of the page. average solving time: 2-4 seconds price per 1000 captchas: $1.20 API: Audio Recaptcha v2 + audio SolveMedia ReCaptcha and...
  16. zphanjakidze

    Best Captcha solving service

    Hello guys, Im really interested which captcha solving services are you guys using, so there are poll... please explain everything, thanks.
  17. zphanjakidze

    USER GIVEAWAY 2$ gift codes

    Hi guys,We are captcha solving service, we are support all normal captchas and all google recaptchas "I'm not a robot" recaptchas. Each TBN member can claim the giveaway but he must have at least 150+ posts at TBN rules: 1. one code per member 2. 150 posts required minimum 3. you can't...
  18. zphanjakidze

    USER GIVEAWAY 2captcha $2 gift codes giveaway

    Hi TBN members, I hope everyone know about our service, our latest updates about 4x4 google and rotate captchas, if so then please test it, there is the page where everyone can find the UPDATED API 3x3 and 4x4 clickable captchas: Also i will include some...
  19. zphanjakidze

    USER GIVEAWAY $1 gift codes giveaway

    Hi TBN members, I hope everyone know about our service, our latest updates about 4x4 google and rotate captchas, if so then please test it, there is the page where everyone can find the UPDATED API 3x3 and 4x4 clickable captchas: Also i will include some...
  20. markcloudius

    Addmefast Youtube View rotate captcha?

    Could anyone lead me to some info on how I can solve the YouTube/soundcloud viewer captcha on addmefast automatically preferably without using a service?