1. samesame

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    >> TESTERJOB << This Site offers you 100% cashback+bonus for reviewing Amazon products... you buy the product, write a verified review and get 100% cashback +bonus money +bonus points to spend on a raffle. they also offer unverified review jobs, but they are less profitable. for some offers...
  2. Puskawolf

    Joinhoney - Cashback Extension

    Hello everyone. In the last ~3 months I've started to use Honey extension for Chrome ( I'm sure that's available for FF, too ), and since clearing the golds takes a bit long, I was able to cashout today, so I can finally post with my own proof. Works pretty easy, it offers some coupon during...
  3. jinjin12

    How to Save HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS Shopping Online $$$

    First of all sup everyone, I haven't posted in a while ( 1 yr i think ) and can't believe i've been on this site for 7 yrs...DAMN. OK LET'S GET TO IT, but when you guys shop online, you are literally losing hundreds of dollars that could be saved. Maybe some people already know this method, but...
  4. JillianV

    €2 Android tablet + $10 cashback

    This offer is NOT available worldwide. It is available in ITALY, probably in Belgium, Portugal and Spain (@promo25 tagging you cuz maybe you're interested), maybe in some other European countries and maybe elsewhere but idk. Look up the following names for more information. [ITALIAN MEMBERS]...
  5. Milera

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    A lot of people are shopping on sites like amazon, ebay , macy's etc without getting a dime back. Well that can change via ebates which offer cashback for all your purchases. Simply Join the site using my link: Ebates or if you don't feel supportive today just join by non-ref link...
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  7. JillianV

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    Check this out! :) Today I decided to complete an offer on ClixSense: "William Hill Casino" on KiwiWall's page. Reward: 6000 Clixcents = $60 Requirements: sign up, deposit €25 and gamble your whole deposit in casino games. So I followed the instruction: I signed up to William Hill...
  8. pannagirl

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    Join the world's largest shopping community Money back with every purchase and cashback points :) Nonref
  9. rmrfa

    Earny - Get your amazon money back without lifting a finger!

    Hi guys! There's a new app called Earny – Gets you money back by doing all the work for you after you have made your purchases and then provides a refund of the difference if a lower price is found. So basically you are earning free money doing nothing :uhuh: Here’s how it works: Sign up for a...
  10. michaelenergy

    Epn Cashback- get up to 18% refund buying on aliexpress

    hello, today i found this website called Epn Cashback they give you a refund up to 18% of products that you buy on aliexpress and other websites!! they pay via credit card, webmoney, yandex money and others!! I don't have a payment proof yet , but the minimum payout is 0,2$ except for credit...
  11. npksq

    Get 5$ cashback

    so someone in tbn share about this site :) you will get 5$ if you register via ref link (i earned too) i waited too long (2month) and think that they scam but then i got paid :) the point is to make more refferal , , if you can get 10 refferal then you can get 50$ in 2 month , link ...
  12. Master Yi

    Spend $1 get $5! [GivingAssistant METHOD] + Proof

    You need PAYPAL to pay as well as receive payment. This works WORLDWIDE. 1. Sign up at Giving Assistant. 2. Receive $5 bonus automatically. 3. At, set your PayPal info for future automatic withdrawals. 4. Now search 'Ebay' and click through to Ebay for...
  13. JillianV

    €2 Android smartphone + €15 cashback

    Countries where this offer is available (known so far): - Italy - Spain (post #18 of this thread, thanks to @promo25) (Subscription after trial is €24/trimester; if you want to unsubscribe you need to do so before the trial period ends. I unsubscribed easily and without problems btw). So last...
  14. Abhishek006

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    What you will need - $19.96 via VDC/VCC - First off,you will need to have a new member account so sign up here! - After that you will then need to navigate to the OFFER - Purchase the box set for $19.96 via the walmart website. - Then wait until the cashback offer is credited into your...
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    Free cash Valentine Promo Topcashback

    That's right! Topcashback(USA) is on a limited Bonus offer for members of the site. Please read attachment PLEASE READ ELIGIBILITY: I have one trick in mind. Register under me (both of us earn 10$ tell-a-friend bonus) and I'll pm you a simple way (not guaranteed though) . You should have...
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  18. TheDarkness

    Make about 5% daily in long lasting Revshare +100% RCB

    The revshare iam talking about is Tokiads. It is relatively new, since I am the 4444 member even though i just recently joined. My current initial investment is 50$ and I am getting slightly more than 0.05$ every 30 minutes. To recieve the revshare one has to click 10 ads a day, which only have...
  19. JillianV

    [Guide + Proof] Earn up to $73 per cashback! (ClixSense Casino Offers)

    Online since February 2007 and previosuly known as ClixSense, ySense is reliable GPT site! Earn money by completing the betting & casino offers on ySense! Sign up, deposit, gamble (doesn't matter if you win or lose) and get cashbacks worth double/triple your deposit! :gold: [EUROPE only]...
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    $160+ earned thanks to ClixSense Casino Offers

    Here are the casino cashback offers I've completed on ClixSense so far :) one is pending but it will be credited soon (October 26th). Each offer granted me a cashback that was double or triple the initial deposit, which was €10 or 20. So in total I got: these sweet cashbacks, a whopping 16%...