1. B

    $280 Roulette Payout | My Own Method

    Hi there. I've not been on in a long time, since I have been busy with a lot of things. Including spending lots of time developing methods for Roulette games. So I recently discovered methods, on how to make some nice cash on Roulette. It's not a bullet proof method, but if you are able to...
  2. Midgarosormr

    Betcoin's Addictive New Game: Wrath of Ra!

    I've been a member of a while now: Mostly I've played Blackjack and placed a few sports wagers (the time I made $150.00 playing Blackjack always brings a grin to my face!). I was browsing around Bitcointalk and stumbled on their thread on there, and in that thread I came across their...
  3. randomport90

    counter strike casinos /bets for skins sites

    Hello i have site about counter strike and I want make article about casino sites where You bet your counter strike global offensive skins, could You send me links? if You make a short describe about site You can also add your refferal links/codes for thoose sites.
  4. JillianV

    Earned $67 on ClixSense today!

    Check this out! :) Today I decided to complete an offer on ClixSense: "William Hill Casino" on KiwiWall's page. Reward: 6000 Clixcents = $60 Requirements: sign up, deposit €25 and gamble your whole deposit in casino games. So I followed the instruction: I signed up to William Hill...
  5. H

    Any online casinos? betting sites?

    Any online casinos? betting sites that don't ask verification documents when withdraw? Something like williamhill but without all that BS verification issues. --- Post updated --- Will use your ref link to register
  6. T

    Hi TBN

    Hello all, My name is Tecem. I'm here for some time but I noticed that I didn't make a post here yet. So here it is. I'm 28 and from the Netherlands. I work in the IT Business. Besides my work, I also make money with several websites I have. I'm having Affiliate offers on my websites. The...
  7. fas66

    Best Advertising for Casino site

    Hello friends, Can anyone recommend me a best advertising site for promoting my Casino website. Has any one tried adsforgambling ? Any help is appreciated ;)
  8. cris

    Sports Group

    Hey, I hope all doing good Let me Introduce myself I'm cris from UK (Formerly from India) I've got some great sports betting strategy would like to share with newbie's I've been betting on sports for over 1 year & I've been watching sports when i was Kid I'm always learning new strategies to...
  9. PATC

    Share your Betting HISTORY

    This is mine Like it
  10. Lucky´s

    [HOW TO] "Double/Tripple" your money on Tremorgames!

    So i know that TremorGames allready has been posted on here, but I´m gonna share a Method to "instantly" double your Money with it. ( I want to give back as a new Member!) You need: An Account on Tremorgames which is at least 1 Day old(?) Money to make a deposit (£/$/€10 or more) minimum 10$...
  11. Lost Falcon

    Lucky Day App Payment Prof & Fast credit Method

    Once again I'm here. Continuing my previous post So I got payment from that app. Here this is my prof. Now i would like to share some tricks that could give you some extra chance to win some $. You know that that are...
  12. JillianV

    [Guide + Proof] Earn up to $73 per cashback! (ClixSense Casino Offers)

    Online since February 2007 and previosuly known as ClixSense, ySense is reliable GPT site! Earn money by completing the betting & casino offers on ySense! Sign up, deposit, gamble (doesn't matter if you win or lose) and get cashbacks worth double/triple your deposit! :gold: [EUROPE only]...
  13. JillianV

    $160+ earned thanks to ClixSense Casino Offers

    Here are the casino cashback offers I've completed on ClixSense so far :) one is pending but it will be credited soon (October 26th). Each offer granted me a cashback that was double or triple the initial deposit, which was €10 or 20. So in total I got: these sweet cashbacks, a whopping 16%...
  14. seitse

    Get 0,05BTC(15$) to play in casino for free!

    1. Register here / non-ref :bruh: 2. Head over to 3. Like their Facebook page, share this pinned post and message them your email to receive promo code. 4. Go to Profile and enter your promo code. 5. Get Lucky and Profit ! NEW GIVEAWAY - NOW U CAN GET...
  15. FortuneJack | Live Roulette | Live Sic Bo | Binary Trader | Keno | FAUCET

    What’s FortuneJack? Welcome to Fortunejack! We are an online digital currency casino offering the best online betting experience yet. We're leading the revolution in online crypto currency gambling, with an unparalleled commitment to fairness, security, and reliable round-the-clock customer...