1. India#1

    BUY [WTB] ColdSchool

    Let me know offers. Rates will be pegged in USD and payment will be done in any crypto you prefer. Thank you.
  2. Hero0o

    SELL ColdSchool

    Selling this cool Coldschool badge Taking only Perfectmoney or Btc *CS requires you to have 3+ Month TBN Sub Admin plz approve @Rasputin @ryukensfj
  3. Saw222

    What About Tags On Banned Users?

    There are tags on banned users which can be taken from them and put for sell For Example: @HonestKum have OS tag and there must be more banned users who have tags on them I mean it's a win win TBN will get money and also those members who are looking for OS & CS tags can buy it ;) @TJ @ryukensfj
  4. Saw222

    BUY Looking for OldSchool & ColdSchool!!

    I am looking for OldSchool & ColdShool tags so drop your price below if you have OS or CS tag & wanna sell it. Payment method: PayPal. Update: I just read this on another thread So 3 months sub is required for the seller or buyer?
  5. marcosolidbr

    SELL ColdSchool Tag

    I need to raise some funds and for that, I`m selling my coldschool tag for $40 Paypal.
  6. vmarc

    BUY Buying Coldschool

    Yo I want to buy coldschool. I'll offer $35 by paypal gift. @ryukensfj you approve? K someone sell me it :D