1. MuyayoMiquel

    Offshore hosting??? Is it worth?

    Hello, some days ago my "free domain" hosting was closed because it broke some DMCA problems, (it was a webpage to download ebooks) and I researched on the web and found that Offshore hostings doesn't care about DMCA and stuff like that. Do you guys recommend me getting a Offshore Web Hosting...
  2. LeLenny420

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  3. Duc_Thinh

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  4. Neetsuki

    [ASK] Any here is have info about promo code or something like that for domain .com?

    Any here is have info about promo code or something like that for domain .com? Need cheap .com domain... please, share with me if you have... :facepalm: Thanks before... Note: Not godaddy and 1and1... :popcorn:
  5. splash_rahul

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  6. K

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    I heard about hostinger giving away free domains i registered mine a few minutes ago i'll update this thread when i get it! Get your domain here: http://www.hostinger.co.uk/free-domain