1. A

    Looking for Freelancer website Biding Partner 15 to 25 % commission of revenue that you bring to us

    Hello guys, I Am New here, looking for Freelance Biding Partner, conditions : should have good experience in freelance biding, should have good numbers of rating. lets connect and explore this opportunities --- Post updated --- PM me at Skype : pankaj_gupta515
  2. tammy

    My trip with Scarlet-clicks

    1. Link reflink non-ref Proof 1st, 2nd, 3rd 4th 2. About scarlet-clicks Lanch: 2009 Admin: Dimitris Kor from Greece Sister site: gptplanet (reflink ---- non-ref) Total Paid: $843,343.08 Total Members: 484437 3. Payment Manual payout in 5-7 working days Method: Paypal, Payza...