1. MikiSoft

    BOT [UniBot] Alexa Master bot

    You just have to put your auto surf URL when running the bot, and that's it. For the rest of explanation, go here.
  2. MikiSoft

    BOT [UniBot] bot

    Read here the explanation on how to use these type of bots.
  3. MikiSoft

    BOT [UniBot] Twistrix bot

    It's basically modified 247AutoHits bot because they use the same CMS. The only major difference is that it doesn't have a fixed timer so it must extract seconds to wait. For more description, read the 247AutoHits bot thread (linked above).
  4. MikiSoft

    BOT [UniBot] 247AutoHits bot

    Since it's created with UniBot, it's of course a HTTP bot. For some reason uploading INI files is forbidden, so after you download it you should remove the ".txt" from the filename and UniBot will recognize it in an open file dialog. Usage is simple. Just download the latest version of UniBot...