1. Harwinder


    Hey guys :> This thread will contain your daily laughs and funny memes/stuff around the internet! Feel free to contribute by posting your favorite one! I will be posting 1 to 5 funny memes/stuff around the internet per day. Please contribute to make this thread amazing! Leave a like if you...
  2. kdd702

    Kickstarter - BLOCKS Smartwatch

    I just backed this smart watch called Blocks. I backed the $285 one. If you want to back it with me, click this link and back it. Clicking this link will get us both a free module of our choosing. Check it out!
  3. B

    key generation challenge

    based on the following key: =UTN:3UTOwcDO0gTOxYTM04yN generate me another working key. HINT: use : as your key map
  4. shaggyreetha

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