1. Turkuaz

    How do i get the copyright of music,picture or video?

    How do i get the copyright of music,picture or video?(world-wide)
  2. A

    code ffmpeg Bypass Copyright on YouTube for Hoyllywood Movies

    DEMO: Kong: Skull Island 2017 [add dot] youtube com/watch?v=xYgMmvjmAao youtube com/watch?v=ZHRl2I_LV8A if you need it, plz inbox me
  3. NightlifeZz

    Copyrighted Music Videos 3million views - How do they do it??

    Can someone explain to me this sorcery? All they do is add the videos together, can't hear any changes to the audio. How the fuck are they doing this?? They have not sped it up or changed the pitch so don't bother replying with that nonsense. Just for a test I tried uploading a part of the...
  4. basamgad

    Youtube licensed videos help please :)

    i have road rage and crashes channel okey before i use any video i ask for permission from owner on 20 march 2017 i make a crashes video i take permission from all owners but in start of may some company licensed the video so if i feel a dispute to youtube tell him that i use video from orignal...
  5. rockingpg0

    Trick to post copyright images to website!

    Hey guys so ive found this trick with my experience! hope it will work well for you. so we know then website got copyright flag of got bad impression on google if we post images from website... thats just copyright..(google bots can figure out that you stolen it from web and give you -1) BUT...
  6. NightlifeZz

    Copyright Third party claim

    I did a very long livestream that was just under 12 hours long. I got a third party claim only after the stream processed. I'm not sure if I will still earn money. When I go to analytics and then revenue, it says I earnt a lot of money. I can't edit out the copyrighted part because the...
  7. Luz


    Greetings. I would like to know if adsense detects the copyrighted material, I have several videos re-uploaded from other channels, however filter and leave only those that passed the CONTENT ID detector. My question is: I leave the channel like this or I join a network to avoid possible bans...
  8. D

    Youtube content match.

    Hey there! I've been looking for a way to avoid getting audio content id match. Tried alot of things, but none of them are working. Speeding up or chaning pitch not working with this one. Any ideas?
  9. saisannihith

    Please help me regarding online videos.

    I want an online video drive where no one can claim a copyright on an uploaded video. This is just kind off piracy. I want that video to stay forever so that no one can delete or claim that video. If there is any website like that please message below.Thanks a ton! :) --- Post updated ---...
  10. R

    how to reupload music video on youtube

    how to upload copyright video like justin bieber video's on youtube.any method?
  11. BrizTBN

    YT Copyright

    As the Topic Says.....Well i have got copyright content on some of my YT videos....Well i copied the videos from Gameloft Channel. Will gameloft block the videos or will they allow me to show the content on my channel and will YouTube disable my Good Standing ? Any Help will be...
  12. M

    Youtube Copyright

    hi, i want to know ,what is the secret for football copyright , because some people working in this niche but haven't any copyright strike , why ??
  13. D

    What kind of videos do you upload to be accepted by fullscreen

    Hi, my question is this. Do you upload original content, or re upload another videos? Do you use content with copyright (modified) or another type? I use the search, but I not found Anything Thanks!